And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.


In law, there is a term called “piercing the veil” and although the meaning as used by the legal profession is geared more to holding individual shareholders accountable for corporate liabilities, some corporate structures can shield shareholders from this liability, and it is said that there is a “veil” between the corporation and the shareholders such that creditors cannot hold shareholders liable for corporate liabilities and financial obligations. In our case we shall use the term to mean piercing the age-old traditions of religion and a continued fixation of religious stagnation. Hebrews 10:20 states “By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the “veil”, that is to say, his flesh”; The veil is what separates the natural mind’s focus on the carnal from that of a Spirit minded person operating through the renewed mind of Christ. “The natural mind will never comprehend the things of Christ, therefore, there must be a needed change to occur in people if they are ever to fully comprehend and fully appreciate the things the Spirit reveals. We worship a God that no man has ever seen, “No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him”. We are told in the first chapter of Romans that the creation sees the things of the Creator so we are without excuse. Yet, He is truly a reclusive wonder and many wonder where He is because many times when all hell is about to break loose He remains to us strangely silent. Some pray for healing for themselves or for others and some prayers are answered as indeed healing does occur in inexplicable ways while others may pray with the same sincerity and hope and their prayers go unanswered and yet we read that God is no respecter of persons… huh? We sometimes find it hard to wrap our minds around this, and all kind of thoughts flow through our minds as to why the difference from our circumstance and that of another’s. It doesn’t seem fair. Gosh, I must not be good enough, or they must really have a close walk with God. This fleshly analysis can cause anger, bitterness, and even a turning away. It is sometimes hard to fathom when scripture informs us that God blesses those he will bless and curses those he will curse. Other questions involves such things as “if your Father owns everything in the universe why are so many Christians improvised and not rich”? Why do babies die at birth? The questions go on and on but our minds fall short in answering such profound questions. It is beyond comprehension to our natural mind to accept such apparent differences and actions of a benevolent and loving God? There must be some explanation but what? I am going to share with you a discourse that came to me one day from the Lord. Rest assured, I can say to you that this is not a frequent occurrence, but nevertheless, I do sincerely believe He told me this:

To be sure the journey through the flesh is long and arduous. It is not without cost. Most as you have seen will not pay the price of the flesh in overcoming. Everything by My Spirit seems contradictory to everything known by common sense or in the natural mind. It is to be sure, a battle or a war that rages within. (Mind War) One does not see victory less by My Spirit. For the flesh loudly proclaims its authority and asks how can this be? If it were not by My Spirit, no one could come to the place of My Kingdom. It is not by power or by might but by My Spirit that one succeeds. (Zec 4:6) It is not easy to see how you can take your hands off all things affecting your life and trust in your Lord to care for you. Intellectualizing and giving mental assent to scriptural facts do not make them real to you but the experience of being tested makes your faith strong and reliance upon me a reality. Only when you take the chance of stepping out do you truly find Me. Looking for Me while residing in your comfort zone does not make you into the “Sons of God” I desire, but rather, a weak and erratic man who one moment is strong and the next moment weak and fear prevails. This is why the statement in scripture “that many are called but few are chosen”. There are only a few that will yield, truly yield to my will and purpose for their lives. Instead, the futile attempt is made to co-mingle their will and mine. Jesus prayed “however, not my will but the Father’s will be done”. What is my will? It is to make each of those who will come, into my express image and likeness. It is to make them exactly like Jesus, doing the things He did and even greater than this because He returned unto Me. Where are the miracles? Where are the true Saints of God healing the sick, helping the poor, clothing the naked, and for that matter teaching the truth? I am the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. Once again, people are bent on emotion and not spirit. What have they truly given up in respect to themselves and their possessions of comfort? What would most do if I asked them to forsake all and follow me? Would they be like the rich man who went away in sorrow? What of the end of times? Are people really ready for the end of the time of grace? Have they really grown up enough spiritually to confront the meaning of the end? Are they truly prepared to live and walk by faith if all worldly support is withdrawn from them? If I were to tear down the world’s economic system, can they believe in, trust in, their Lord solely for their sustenance? How many Christians can even pray and commune with me for a solid eight hours without interruption or becoming weary? What kind of discipline, spiritual discipline do they really have? How many have walked away from Mother, Father, sister, brother, children or spouse for the Glory of My Kingdom? Who have placed me first in their priorities, let alone jobs, houses, or comforts of various kinds? What then do I do? How much longer do I wait for those who say they love me but refuse to come to me and let me provide for them? Is faith in me a too abstract concept for them to grasp? Shall I who am holy bring that which is not unto My Presence? And by what means can anything unholy stand before me? Help them to find their way to me. Be a strong-arm for them to lean on until the time of weaning. Assist them on their journey to becoming that perfect man”.


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