English: Ezra Pound in 1913
English: Ezra Pound in 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The image is more than an idea. It is a vortex or cluster of fused ideas and is endowed with energy”. –  Ezra Pound

A vortex is a reactor of love and radiant life. A vortex motion (wheel) usually describes motion in a frictionless fluid (Living Water). In such cases the absence of friction would make it impossible to create or destroy a vortex motion, (no growth). Motion in such a state would have facilitated a permanent flow pattern. (Unregenerate). The velocity of the fluid element instantaneously passing through a given point in space would be constant in time (no change). To maintain a vortex motion a continuous energy supply to overcome friction is needed (God’s Love). The love of God is like a whirling magnetic force creating a pole effect fueled by the contrast of good and evil. When God allows an evil to be manifest, He creates a need. This need is like a deficit of love. God’s love dispatches the forgiveness to fill this need or deficiency. When love confronts the face of evil and it interacts with its hardened surface, the forgiveness is transformed into new love. The new love satisfies the deficit and annuls the evil. This love then arc back to God completing a circuit of primal power, Good and evil thus form a reactor for the production of God’s love. This principle is the basis for all creation including business. If you begin to dissect the law of supply and demand to study deficiencies created by the marketplace, you will find both growth and the income stream reduced to less than a constant flow.


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