John 21: 25

“Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written”.

 The year was 2013 CE and the world is yet to be filled with all the books that could be written about Jesus but that is only because of the advent of electronics and the invention of the computer and data storage facilities. The point I am making is just how much more information is needed for people to have by now caught a glimpse of the Christ and beckon to His call? How many different versions of the Bible are there and how many Commentaries or Treatises or Books or Blogs or Websites are needed to understand? How much more do you need written or stated to you before an understanding is achieved? What is lacking then are not available resources but people to go beyond their cocoons of their inanimate lethargy and express the life that Jesus demanded. We can talk, fellowship, post pretty pictures with some wonderful scripture superimposed but we can’t do the work required to forsake all and follow Him. We don’t dig down deep and go through anything that seems painful to the flesh. We compromise ourselves with the false assumption that God doesn’t really require THAT from me does He? Often people play at being a follower of Christ because it just a way of being and if we talk right, act right and appear right that somehow we have reached the pinnacle of expression of what a disciple of Christ should be.

Luke 18:8 “I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

 The question implies a strong negation: No, he will not; he himself foresees it.

 (1.) This supposes that it is on earth only that there is occasion for faith; for sinners in hell are feeling that which they would not believe, and saints in heaven are enjoying that which they did believe.

(2.) It supposes that faith is the great thing that Jesus Christ looks for. He looks down upon the children of men, and does not ask, Is there innocence? But, is there faith? He enquired concerning the faith of those who applied themselves to him for cures.

(3.) It supposes that if there were faith, though ever so little, he would discover it, and find it out. His eye is upon the weakest and most obscure believer.

(4.) It is foretold that, when Christ comes to plead his people’s cause, he will find but little faith in comparison with what one might expect. That is, [1.] In general, he will find but few good people few that are really and truly good. Many that have the form and fashion of godliness, but few that have faith that are sincere and honest: nay, he will find little fidelity among men; the faithful fail, Psa_12:1, Psa_12:2. Even to the end of time there will still be occasion for the same complaint. The world will grow no better, no, not when it is drawing towards its period. Bad it is, and bad it will be, and worst of all just before Christ’s coming; the last times will be the most perilous. [2.] In particular, he will find few that have faith concerning his coming. When he comes to avenge his own elect he looks if there be any faith to help and to uphold, and wonders that there is none, Isa_59:16; Isa_63:5. It intimates that Christ, both in his particular comings for the relief of his people, and in his general coming at the end of time, may, and will, delay his coming so long as that, First, Wicked people will begin to defy it, and to say, Where is the promise of his coming? 2Pe_3:4. They will challenge him to come (Isa_5:10; Amo_5:19); and his delay will harden them in their wickedness, Mat_24:48. Secondly, Even his own people will begin to despair of it, and to conclude he will never come, because he has passed their reckoning. God’s time to appear for his people is when things are brought to the last extremity, and when Zion begins to say, The Lord has forsaken me. See Isa_49:14; Isa_40:27. But this is our comfort, that, when the time appointed comes, it will appear that the unbelief of man has not made the promise of God of no effect.

Maybe I stand alone, but I am with the understanding that we true followers of Christ are much more than practitioners of a common faith that is strong so long as we are not too severely challenged and of the opinion that there is still plenty of time to get our acts together.



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