Unparalleled Opportunity

 There are those who have conjectured that earth is to become God’s heavenly headquarters, the place of administration of the universe. I cannot prove or disprove such theory but I am of the belief that life is to be expanded beyond that of this world and I also believe there is some merit in contemplating the establishment of new kingdoms on other planets. I can also fathom that satellite administrations may well be set up on each of these planets and those that have grown to such stature in God’s family be placed in roles of responsibility in overseeing a planets development. If you pause for a moment to consider yourself a son or daughter of a farmer and your Dad sends you to town to pick up a truckload of feed. You go into the feed store place your order, store personnel loads your truck and you go in to the office and sign your dad’s name to the invoice. During this transaction you acted in your Father’s stead and the store owner treated you and your signature as though you were your dad and you completed your assignment. Think of the ever expanding universe and the infinite possibility of populating each with people such as it is on earth. Can our Father create environments on each of these planets just as he did on earth? Can he who created the heavens and the earth do so again and again elsewhere? Have you ever looked up on a clear night and wondered?  Recently Researchers asked “Is the Universe a giant computer”? Others are looking into the similarities of the universal “brain” and the human brain. If you open up to our Creator and to his creation and indeed if we are created in his likeness and image should we then be shocked to see images such as this?
brain cell vs the universe


Are there Nations within the Mind?

 left-brain-right-brain-exercises-800x800When considering things of such magnitude it kind of makes present reality seem pretty small and paltry by comparison but I think that is part of the problem with Christianity today, we do think too small caused by seeing things from a very limited point of reference calloused by doctrine, pastoral control of the flock or just plain ignorance. Our God is the God of the Universe and who knows the height, width, depth or length or definition of His Creation? I seem to recall where Jesus was speaking to His disciples and that He could tell them of many more things but that were not yet as ready to hear of them. We tend to shrink away from the super-natural but consider for a moment how supra-natural is our Lord? We think within a cocoon perhaps the time has come or maybe already here that we become butterfly’s and begin our ascent to the heavenly places.


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