Pied Piper
Pied Piper (Photo credit: moonlightbulb)

Christians ought to be more discerning than to follow the Pied Pipers in the media world today. They play their tunes and you sign on and follow as though you have no ability to distinguish truth from fiction. For the most part, these people use your ignorance and dependency to pad their bank accounts, sell you products, and stage the next great show or program all at a hefty cost to you and you keep on writing checks. Some of these “celebrities” are constantly at the drawing board or in planning meetings to concoct new programs and then market them as the next great movement and then tell you why it is imperative that you attend and guess what, you do. Radio Talk Show hosts, TV personalities, so-called Pastors and Evangelists, book writers all; give you something for your feel good. Do you for one moment really believe these people care for you and do you believe that for one moment these people are unaware of your dependency on them? I heard one prominent radio personality (who says he is a follower of God) speak of an idea he had but could not figure out how to commercialize it so he put it away. Again, I ask are these people there for you because they care or because demographic research shows that you are a part of a large market to be nurtured and capitalized upon. Churches operate the same kind of worldly business.  Leaders are more concerned about the size of their church than the welfare of their parishioners. They teach a watered down gospel, not getting you too angry because your tithes and offerings are of paramount importance to them and their operation. I recently heard a Christian radio news commentator state that because of President Obama’s re-election  the Holy Spirit told him to stop the news aspect of his program because people did not heed his warning not to vote for Obama, and that now he was to have a program featuring “a more church like  format”. After he requested that people send in money, gold or silver to help finance this new approach, he then proceeded to announce that he would take a week to be with the Lord. On his return from an island resort, he said God told him to keep the news format but continue to advance toward his new teaching program, to include setting up a radio/ studio/production facility kind of like that which has been done by another more prominent internet/radio personality. I’m thinking who is this guy listening to? Is it God, or a voice that is perhaps his own.


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