English: Sterzing, Holy Spirit church frescos,...
English: Sterzing, Holy Spirit church frescos, on the northern wall, representing the infancy of Christ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The World as it is known is but an illusion. It is a picture of fallen man, a failure of nature. When you investigate and research for truth, you come to a wall. This wall is the nature of limitation. It is the way of the Spirit that cracks through these barriers. The Son’s of God are to be led by the spirit. The Spirit is the uniqueness of a man or woman from their peers because he who is of the Spirit sees through and looks beyond the wall of limitation to the place of freedom. When you find yourself at the end you have found your beginning. 

The natural mind is conditioned to the things of nature not to the things of the spirit. This is the place to which the true seeker has come. It is the end of self that one begins to climb the Holy Mountain which is the government of God.

Do not look at the presumed end but rather unto the newness of life. Let go of worry and limitation and breathe in Life. Let go of the former – release it – bless it for it has been your servant to bring you to this place of a true new birth.


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