Are we now at the point where Americans no longer care that government has become corrupt, that our financial lives have become threatened, our


English: Emblem of the National Ice Center, a ...
English: Emblem of the National Ice Center, a tri-agency operational center of the Federal government of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

educational system has become dictatorial, that jobs are fast disappearing and that every aspect of our lives are now pretty much monitored and freedoms disappearing? Has it become “oh well there is nothing I can do about it”? Is it now, though we don’t like what’s going on that we just resolve within, that as long as it doesn’t immediately impact me I won’t say or do anything about it? Is this the new substandard we accept as being the new norm? Apparently, the government no longer represents the people and it is also apparent the people don’t expect them to.

The nation was founded a Republic not a Democracy and no one seems to know what a democracy is or can become. Where have States Rights gone? Why is the Federal government involved in local issues belonging to the States? The Fed’s simply tell the states to comply or lose federal funding and the states submit to get their piece of the pie, which incidentally, is made and baked by the people who the supply the ingredients called taxes.

What percentage of your paycheck goes to taxes to supply the government at all levels for countless sub-standard programs to which there is no public demand for accountability. Why are government employees paid 2 to 3 times more than the private sector for doing the same job? Why the discrepancy in health care costs for a government worker as compared to the private citizen as you scurry to comply with new government health care requirements not even knowing the true cost?


No, this new Sub-Standard is not acceptable, nor is it justice, nor is it fair to the people the government is supposed to serve and damn well  better not remain as the Standard.

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