The Silence of the So-Called “Christian” is deafening…

You call yourself a follower of Jesus, you call yourself the Church, you call yourself upright, full of faith and righteousness, expecting a life hereafter with your Lord and savior but with the exception of some members of the Catholic church where are the rest of you in confronting the atrocities in the world today as depicted below:  Imagine the comfort of a warm room in a hospital brought to you by human fuel derived from an act of murder through abortion. I ask you where are you hearing of this crime against humanity in any public manner from the other churches of this land? If what you read below is not sickening to your spirit then I dare say you are not a follower of Jesus at all but a hypocrite. Most of you are caught up in your own little “owies” asking for help and prayer when a fetus has no means of speech or asking for help so the fetus becomes fuel for the fire and the majority of Christendom stays silent and will find the fire for themselves soon enough.


      Then Jesus said to them, “I ask you, which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy it?”


Canadian aborted babies incinerated in Oregon waste-to-energy facility to provide electricity

by Peter Baklinski

Wed Apr 23 1:06 PM EST

Update 04/24: The Marion County Board of Commissioners has halted the program that incinerated aborted fetal remains. See LifeSiteNews’ follow up story: Oregon county puts stop to incinerating aborted babies for electricity: ‘we are outraged’.

VICTORIA, British Columbia, April 23, 2014 ( – The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the remains of babies destroyed by abortion in B.C. facilities are ending up in a waste-to-power facility in the United States, providing electricity for residents of Oregon.

The province’s Health Ministry said in an email to the B.C. Catholic‘s Steve Weatherbe that “biomedical waste” shipped to the U.S. to be incinerated includes “human tissue, such as surgically removed cancerous tissue, amputated limbs, and fetal tissue.”

“The ministry understands that some is transferred to Oregon. There it is incinerated in a waste-to-energy plant,” the email stated.

The ministry said that contractors handling the province’s “biomedical waste” follow “health and safety protocols, as well as federal, provincial, and local regulations.”

Kristan Mitchell, executive director of the Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association, told the B.C. Catholic that the “biomedical waste” likely ends up at the Covanta Marion waste-to-energy facility in Oregon since it is the only facility that uses waste to power the grid. The facility confirmed that it still receives and incinerates B.C. medical waste.

The power facility, located in Brookes just off the I-5, burns waste in two massive boilers at a temperature of about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat transfers into water tubes, which creates steam to drive turbines. The turbines generate electricity.

A 2007 article about the Marion waste-to-energy facility that appeared in the Willamette Live — ironically titled “Burn, Baby, Burn” — stated that at the time the incinerator burned about 800 tons (1,764,000 pounds) of medical waste per year.

“Medical waste is brought to the facility in sealed boxes and is carried to the furnace on a conveyor belt which layers it with the rest of the solid waste being processed,” the article states.

Locals at the time protested the “importation and burning of medical waste,” expressing concern about breathing “toxic emissions.”

The news comes one month after the remains of more than 15,000 aborted babies were found to have been incinerated, along with other “medical waste,” to heat and generate power for British hospitals.


Hon. Christy Clark Premier 250-387-1715

Hon. Terry Lake Minister of Health 250 953-3547


Thousands of aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals

by Hilary White

  • Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:06 EST


LONDON, March 24, 2014 ( – Thousands of bodies of aborted babies have been incinerated, along with other “medical waste” in a process that was used to help heat British hospitals, UK media has revealed. The Daily Telegraph reports that more than 15,500 babies have been incinerated as “clinical waste” some of which have been used in “waste to energy” schemes to generate power for the hospitals.

The practice was discovered by Channel 4’s Dispatches investigative news program, which found at least 10 NHS Trust hospitals have been using the remains of aborted and naturally miscarried children along with hospital rubbish. The Department of Health has issued an immediate halt to the practice and Health Minister Dr. Dan Poulter has called it “totally unacceptable.”

NHS’ medical director has written to all NHS trusts to tell them the practice must stop and Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies, has written to the Human Tissue Authority to “ask them make sure that guidance is clear,” the Telegraph reports.


Paul Tully, general secretary of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, told LifeSiteNews that the issue of the disposal of the bodies of aborted babies in hospitals “has been a concern for some time.”

Tully said that while there are guidelines for disposing of fetal remains, usually laid out mainly by hospital administrations, there is no specific law covering it. But he said that because of the need of abortion supporters to continue to deny the reality of the unborn child, there is a “huge burden” placed on hospital staff, who are given the remains for disposal just like any other hospital medical waste, and it creates “a horrendous strain” for them.

“The combining of the remains of aborted babies with other material in hospital incinerators is not supposed to happen, but there is no legal restriction on how the remains are disposed of, beyond those required for hygienic reasons,” Tully said.

But he added that it “comes as no surprise to us that babies’ bodies are being disposed of in this way, horrifying as it is.”

“I think, psychologically, to ask staff who are in charge of hospital incinerators to make this distinction is putting an appalling psychological burden on them, and is quite wrong. It’s involving them [remotely] in the abortion process.”

God help us all…




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