exclamation markA play on the word Preface (which is something authors are not supposed to forget when writing a book), has some additional interesting connotations, and to me stands for something far more important. If you would drop the “P” from the word you have “re-face” which is exactly what God did to the earth after the Great Flood. He re-faced the earth after its destruction and scripture tells us that the Angels rejoiced. Incorporate the first three letters only and we have the prefix “Pre”. Pre – which signifies before in time, rank, order or position. This is the pre – condition of the man who before Jesus Christ very much resembled the state of a sinful world prior to the flood. And when you speak of “coming in like a flood” you know full well that this is the flood that comes in the personage of the Accuser, that Prosecutor, who would testify against us before the throne of God. So like the earth, there is of necessity, a rebuilding process required of God to bring this man to the place of newness, a “re –facing plan” if you will, to free him of his crimes of treason against the rule and reign of His Holiness.

God designed and implemented a plan of redemption for those like me through his Son Jesus Christ. In the theory of knowledge, or epistemology, subjectivism asserts that all knowledge starts with the private sensations, ideas, or sense data of (within) the individual mind. The restriction of the knowing mind to the closed circle of its own sensations and ideas, with which alone it is immediately acquainted, has been called the “egocentric predicament,” from which, according to the extreme subjectivist or solipsist, there is no escape. Less extreme subjectivists, however, admit an indirect or inferential knowledge of the external world and of other minds. Subjectivism is the philosophical theory that ascribes to the individual mind or subject and its sensations, ideas, attitudes, feelings, emotions, and beliefs a privileged or preeminent status in (from) the world order and in our knowledge of that order. If you read the previous few words again, this time reading only the highlighted words, it reads: Within the individual mind there is no escape from the world order.

This is a form of writing in code which sometimes indicates there is additional meaning within another point and is the true message to be conveyed. Or you could say perception is based on the state of a person’s understanding and acceptance of information he or she is exposed to through observation or by experience which can be truth or deception. Deception is totally dependent upon truth or it has no model to manipulate a copy or counterfeit, for example, you need an original 20 dollar bill to make its counterfeit. All forms of deception are performed to hopefully go unnoticed and the obvious intent is to divert one from the truth. When sub-standard becomes the standard we have accepted deception as the norm and agree to its parameters and limitations and we die for lack of knowledge.

In these two thousand fourteen years since the Advent of our Lord I wonder how much more time is required for people to fully respond to the call of Jesus to come and follow Him. How many more generations of people coming and going before God will say enough! How many more churches do we need to build? Or the organization processes required formulating additional offshoots of one denomination to form another so that another can form from the latter? And just what is the influence of all these churches on our present day society? “Claiming to be wise, they became fools [professing to be smart, they made simpletons of themselves]. Because when they knew and recognized him as God, they did not honor and glorify him as God or give him thanks. But instead they became futile and godless in their thinking [with vain imaginings, foolish reasoning, and stupid speculations] and their senseless minds were darkened”.

Confusion is defined as disorder; upheaval; tumult; chaos; the lack of clearness or distinctness; perplexity or bewilderment. Confusion also embodies distraction; turmoil; embarrassment and causes complications. Smart can be clever, witty, or bright but it can also be classified as impertinent, insolent, canny and shrewd in dealing with others. Smart Confusion as I have created the term, is meant to define planned forms of confusion or chaos generated by “Smart” people both seen and unseen to further perpetuate a hidden agenda that may or may not be for the good of the people. The policies, propaganda and actions carried out by these “Smart People” I have named, “Patheticisms”©. You will not find the word patheticisms anywhere in your dictionary because it simply is not there. I created this descriptive word to define my observations of people’s actions, words or motive behind their representations. Whenever I witness something profoundly false or profane I think to myself and yes sometimes say, “Now that is patheticism”. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “patheticisms” out there. When you consider the term pathetic involves such items as weak, sorry, poor, and lamentable. Deplorable, woeful, inadequate, unsatisfactory or feeble then perhaps you will agree with me about the number of “patheticisms” in existence today.

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