The Battle within a mind… A Parody


The voices within a soul can be very disconcerting when in a quandary about actions or decisions to be made and in many cases conflicting thoughts can be troublesome and noisy. The

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris
The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

kingdom of mind as used here is the realm associated with or regarded as being under the control of a particular influence and conceived as constituting a sphere of the kingdom of thought. A case in point:


That’s very profound. Thank you, but you do not yet realize how profound because when you think about it we thoughts have the makings for a microscopic kingdom here. Consider this, I am, you are, and we have all these other notions. I think you’re losing it and I am not all together sure I want any more to do with you. That’s Ok, because it is the subjectivists who are always relying upon emotion and feelings and are just not able to multi-task and must therefore obey the one thought that does. God help us, now I know you have flipped out, I wonder what the other options think of your microscopic mind kingdom theory. Me too, but they don’t seem to have much input to our new direction. Maybe they think your microcosm concept is fine and therefore leave us to figure it out. Furthermore, we still don’t know very much about these other thoughts or what they represent. You have said that two or three times now don’t you think it is about time to find out who or what these other options are? Yes I do, and when I think about it the only thing I have heard was I don’t understand. Yeah and then you came up with Bible verses and decided that this was what they meant. True, but stop and think on this, if as you said they seem to be in agreement with our present strategy to which we both agree, then much is yet to be fully worked out. While we continue to flounder around like fish out of water I suppose. I do wonder who could or would endorse that. Got me, it does seem to be somewhat confusing to me.


So it seems to me that we presently have a kingdom of confusion that does not appear to be so smart. Here we go again, does your part of this mind ever stop? Not so that you would notice. I’m thinking that we maybe ought to start all over again. Again! Just how many times do think we need to butt our head against the wall to get this progression thing figured out. I told you before I went to college and learned some things and one of those things was how to create something new. Over the years I have settled on two creation approaches one of which could be applied here to answer our dilemma. Are you ready for a little mind exercise?


To begin with we could use that which currently exists and I don’t think any of us would be too happy with that but, regardless, we can take the parts of us which can be disassembled, restructured or folded to form a new more complex being or we can construct from scratch, developing needed attributes or nuances that can be merged together to the core of our main being, making sure everything we add on to our self is absolutely necessary and justifiable. But we need to first do a self-analysis to determine a factual portrait of us. When we complete that then we have to use or develop the necessary skills to synthesize our output while continuing our education leading to a more complex nucleus to our person. Does that mean we will have more talents and people will think were smart? That’s possible but it is also possible we could overdue this when we should keep this paradigm manageable so as to keep our “small box” mentality intact. Yeah, I once heard a guy say he wasn’t sure if he thought inside or outside the “box” but he didn’t say anything about size.


Stay with the program, there is one more very important thing here, we must agree upon prescribed basis for growth before we can proceed. OK, how are we going to do that?


You guys are the epitome of Stupidity! Whoa, who said that? I don’t know, but regardless, I think we should go with a start from scratch strategy because I don’t know how to disassemble our- self. Me neither, but it is one theory. So how do we start from scratch? I am not for sure but one thing I do know and that is we have just gone from a confused kingdom to a discombobulated kingdom. Does that make us homeless? No we still have us; we will just rename our kingdom, the kingdom of a man’s brain. Boy does that make me feel better I have noticed those guys out there by the freeway asking for money because they were homeless. So that means if everybody would be their own kingdom than we would have kingdom’s of men.


Sometimes you blow my mind. Regardless, we have to move from being subjectivists to objectivists? What? Well we need to be somewhat detached if we are going to analyze our self and the exciting thing is we may just accomplish a paradoxical convergence. I’m lost again, we just might accomplish what? A convergence, you know points coming together into one.


You two have been an experience to behold. What you have demonstrated is a complete lack of understanding and now you seem about to embark on another futile project that will only serve to further demonstrate your gross ignorance. Ah, who was that? I don’t know for sure but I think it was another option. I believe we better get some help in figuring this out. Amen.



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