About the time I stop and assess my progress toward the goal of overcoming the flesh, I get asked the question: Just who is doing the evaluating? If I am full of myself and


Call of the Flesh
Call of the Flesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

thereby striving to become a living, walking example of Christ then I find I am nowhere near being a man of God because I am looking at a man attempting to make himself someone of note in God’s eyes. So it is still the fleshly man attempting to elevate himself as being one that knows things and somewhat satisfied with new found understanding of spiritual things and yet so dumb that he does not see that it was not him that understood anything. Rather, it is a non- flesh part of him that comprehends the things of God. It is my carnal, prideful nature that must achieve for the purpose of self-evaluation of my flesh for others to see.A man so full of himself and yet so slow to learn that it is he is the one that must go so that Christ reigns and rules his body of clay. As I think of Job/Rob I find some like self-justifications going on other than the OB part of our names. Although Job lived many years ago there is still parallel in God stripping us both down to nothing in the world’s eyes having a far greater plan that does not come without cost and the cost is the flesh. Have you considered my man Rob?


So as we go about our Christian walk we may preach, teach, marry, run a “successful” business, we still have to come to terms with the real reason we are on this earth. We have 60,70,80 years if we are fortunate but in the greater scheme of things it is like a gentle breeze here for a moment and gone the next. So fleeting is our time here and so few of us that learn that we are placed here to find Him, to become like Him. But this man has spent so much of his time trying to justify himself rather than surrendering to the One who knows the way to the Father who wants a family.


So as I fight the fight of self-righteousness while negotiating irritants, betrayals, loss of prestige, position in the world, wealth, family, companionship, disgust, judgment of others, health I say when Lord? And like with Job He finally replies: Job 40.


Then the Lord answered Job (Rob) out of the whirlwind and said:


“Dress for action[a] like a man;
I will question you, and you make it known to me.
Will you even put me in the wrong?
Will you condemn me that you may be in the right?
Have you an arm like God,
and can you thunder with a voice like his?


10 Adorn yourself with majesty and dignity;
clothe yourself with glory and splendor.
11 Pour out the overflowings of your anger,
and look on everyone who is proud and abase him.
12 Look on everyone who is proud and bring him low
and tread down the wicked where they stand.
13 Hide them all in the dust together;
bind their faces in the world below.[b]
14 Then will I also acknowledge to you
that your own right hand can save you.


It is now that I am rendered speechless and regulated to a low position and my mouth unable to speak. For truly His ways are too wonderful for me to understand in my natural mind and I realize it is He who lives and not me and I the servant shall wait for His command. And if none of this true then I like Saint Paul could say: If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied.






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