Jesus said “In my Father’s house there are many mansions and I go and prepare a place for you.This is not so different from in your mind there are many rooms. Yes, there are many rooms in our minds we have a rooms (compartments)

A Critique of Mind and Thought
A Critique of Mind and Thought (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

for prejudice, a room for love, room for hate, room for fear, hunger, excitement, disappointment, hope, information, and on and on.The problem is these rooms have not been cleaned and are hardly ready for any form of visitation from Royalty. Everyday more and more this mind mansion is further cluttered with additional inputs from a myriad of sources which fill all storage areas available and further storage is sought. So we hear of and think we practice multitasking taking on several things at once doing justice to no one thing but band aiding it enough to think that at least we have stopped the bleeding on this particular issue so we can then move to another. One of these days I will stop this insistent mental pressure and find rest from it all and just get away. So we pack our travel bags trying to remember what it is we need to be sure to take with us but find there is one bag that is already packed and though unseen seems the heaviest of all and for certain greater than the allowable weight to board the plane to freedom and of course it is the mind and I wonder just how much does thinking weigh on us? Did I remember to stop mail delivery, the newspaper, did I cover the bills coming due while gone? Did I pack those running shoes I’ll need? Will I get to the airport on time? How much time did he say is needed for check in? Did I cover everything at work?  I will just phone in to check on things and let them know if they need anything they can call me.

Does anyone here know this person? Can you identify with some of the above? Tell me, if you can, where is peace? It takes the first week and a half of a two week vacation to even begin to relax and then in a blink of an eye your back at it again that very thing from which you sought escape. Heaven help me to peace but this is not to say I have been laid to rest God forbid. So on we go, softball practice, music lessons, soccer practice, weekend tournaments setting up hotel- motel rooms, gone another weekend. There are things I should be doing but I need to be there for the kids giving them every opportunity to do what they want after all all their buddies are doing it so must I. Who, the child or you? Does no speak love? Pressures, stresses, a part of life my friend, we all have to do it you know, we can’t be counted among the weird. And this is counted as the world’s definition of an abundant life. The only real thing abundant is no time for anything else.

Prioritizing the issues of life can be overwhelming and certainly fatiguing but you won’t change it and further, there may come a retort stated by the parent of the child driven life of how much fun it is and how they enjoy it. Touche! But when the dust settles and the years have gone by and the nest is now empty you look over to your spouse and wonder now what? The fortunate ones will say thank God we now have time for each other, while the unfortunate ones will be lost because of the loss of identity and their reason for being has been removed. How fleeting the time.

For a thousand years in your sight are but as yesterday when it is past, or as a watch in the night. Psalm 90:4. Now as time passes perspectives change, new thoughts enter in, asking are you prepared for the issues of later life? Everything from money to health to where to live become of importance. We begin to realize how quickly life is passing making it seem that maybe we have missed some things perhaps things we would change if we had to do it over. There were good times too, pleasant memories, fun times that ended too soon, but such is life. There you have it, the word is Life, however you might define it. But the Source of life not so well known. As you can see we have been pretty busy Lord it’s not that we don’t respect you and we did get to church when we could but there always seemed to be time constraints and persistent demands in need of attention no disrespect intended Lord. None taken my Child, but you can see how patient I have been and how even now I will welcome you home if you will but come. The choice is yours for you see it is yet Day. How clean your house my child when my Spirit enters in.










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