The Present Day Savior
The Present Day Savior

By: Robert Robinson

It goes without saying that people today are inundated with vast amounts of information and opinion stemming from worldly events and issues including some that are considered to be life threatening. Regardless of the type of media one ascribes to, there always seems to be opposite opinions presented generally involving one from the left and one from the right in political persuasion and generally with feigned argument, which leaves the observer to wonder who is right and is anyone really forthcoming and truthful in their stated position. If you watch or listen long enough a trend appears via certain personalities and you can tell a friend what they are about to say before they even say it. Is there value in this ? Apparently the media thinks so because they all do it and advertisers advertise so that money is transacted and profits made and egotistical “celebrities” born. We now have constant and consistent “breaking news alerts” that are no more a breaking news event than “the man in the moon” my Dad informed me of decades ago.

Notice who advertises on this media your fed. First, it’s all about your body right Marie? After you are encouraged to get that envious body you are then informed how to cover that body with the latest fashion to step out and enter that classy car you are supposed to drive on the way to your financial advisor to secure your future that when you grow older so you can watch to see what drugs are needed so that that you feel young again. In the meantime nutrition is not overlooked because mostly you are eating the wrong foods and a correct diet should be forced upon the masses so that you can be healthier and curb global warming by shutting down those factories called farms isn’t that so Michelle?

To add to this dilemma of fact finding on the highway of truth you find the social media adds additional mountains of information some which is thought extreme and new terms are added to the dictionary to accommodate the latest lingo. Some of these sites would have you believe that the sky is falling and then turn and sell their survival gear so that you can weather the impending societal breakdown if you are fortunate enough not to be caught up by Marshall Law which will surely be imposed and you are sent to a FEMA camp which incidentally are already set up and waiting.

So everyday you rise in the morning to another day of the same thing occasionally embellished by some new happening that further adds to fears and apprehension in the masses and further controls are discussed to subvert threats and everyone goes on with their day hoping someone gets a handle on all this and make it go away. The proliferation of viruses continues to strike fear in people and then we discover that all of the safeguards we thought existed are not so safe in fact we find that as a nation we are actually unprepared for any mass epidemic so we become more careful of our environment and rightly practice careful hygiene to lessen the potential of illness and understand that if there truly is an epidemic that we will no doubt have to restrict our travel because after all airplanes are not so safe and we wouldn’t want people traversing state and international lines spreading any disease found in another to us.

Terrorism seems to be increasing and is becoming more sophisticated as well so that American‘s can soon expect flash events to materialize here and these terrorists are already here bidding their time until the “Go” order is given. The borders are open and hordes of immigrants are storming our southern borders as Border Control Agents stand by helpless because the order “from on high” handcuffs authority and responsibility of these officers because of some profane federal policy and discrimination. Fox News brings up the issue and then the parade of the yea-nays come forth to speak their piece and so the talk continues and once again with no real results. MSNBC on the other hand appraises you of the blatant disregard Fox News has for the truth so they tell you what truth is. And the people listening accept this as the norm and no further thought is given because life is too busy to linger on anything too long, don’t have time.

Here comes the churches with Pastors and lay completely informed about World events and are fully prepared to tell their congregations all about what “The Word” has to say about these things and how the Christian should respond that is until the IRS comes knocking with paperwork. So they package some more programs to sell by writing a “book” which describes how you are supposed to walk with God so that numerous blessings fall on you from heaven without much accountability on the readers part because after all God is a God of love and He doesn’t want you encountering hardship. Just believe in your heart that God will provide for you He knows your need. So the once powerful platform of the Church has been rendered ineffectual and compliant with the protocol of government.

Education of our children is another great societal accomplishment and parenting becoming more and more the role of the state because government knows more about what kids need and want and how to deliver it them more efficiently so that they can all be the same and not suffer from any identity crisis while the kids from other parts of the world outperform America’s children in areas of math and science in an ever increasing manner but our kids will be OK because the government will provide for them.

More could be listed regarding the noise out there but how much more is needed to tell you what you already know, that things “aint” so good. Does any of this point to a World in turmoil? Is there anything occurring now in the demise of America that hasn’t been seen before. Is mankind today any more or less corrupt than peoples of other times? Have great societies having once achieved greatness fallen? Can there be found rationale for collapse? Does turning away from God as a nation and as individuals have anything to with the chaotic noise surrounding us? Can you guess how this noise could be quelled in your life? I think you do and I think it may behoove you to seek the Peace of God through Christ Jesus and find order has been established, is established and will be established for all time when the One who created it all brings harmony and peace to those He calls his own.






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