By: Robert Robinson


Let us be clear, these huge gifts are not multicarat diamonds or gold or silver but gifts from the Spirit. The very same Spirit who has part in the

English: Church of the Holy Spirit in Munich -...
English: Church of the Holy Spirit in Munich – Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Spirit of Understanding. Painter: Peter Horemans (1753) Deutsch: Heilig-Geist-Kirche (München) – Sieben Gaben des Heiligen Geistes: Der Geist der Einsicht. Maler: Peter Horemans (1753) Latina: Spiritus intellectus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

creation of the universe and beyond. The small package is obvious, it’s you and me. I believe we are referred to as a speck. I’m not sure I can even identify what a speck looks like to the natural eye except perhaps when looking at self in a mirror which we are also told is observed in a dimly lit form. I surmise this is understandable considering if I ponder the entire universe and beyond is encapsulated within our God. But what happens when God proclaims that he will now make his abode within wo/men? How can something, someone so huge become so minute.? This makes it plausible that everything that is within Him is also within us. If we contemplate that the earth, stars, sun, moon, planets, thought, me, you, everyone and everything is included, this becomes an overwhelming prospect when viewed from a natural perspective. This brings one beyond the cognitive premise of our normal way of thinking. What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? It is wondrous that a new understanding or intelligence becomes available through Christ that brings an awareness, a knowing that transcends and frees the incarcerated soul form this human body to new heights and glory by way of a “New Mind” which is the very “Mind of Christ”. It then becomes apparent that there would be no other way to become a true member of the Body of Christ but by the grace of God and His gift of the Spirit who incidentally, is charged to lead us to all truth. 

When we consider the magnitude of the creation coupled with the very Creator himself how dwarfed are we and how can one so small even be found among it all and yet He tells us he knew us when we were but seeds in our Mother’s womb. We then must move from fleshly reflection to Spiritual contemplation to seek the things of God and we come to a time when we begin to realize who we are in Christ. Pneuma is to breathe and blow and primarily denotes Wind which is the immaterial part of man, the resurrected body the element of man the perceives, reflects, feels, desires His purpose, character to include moral qualities and activities. The place of oneness with your spirit which includes the new life and Divine gifts of the Spirit.

When this is understood and practiced through prayer in the now common (meaning one) Spirit it becomes slanderous to God when we become self-effacing or speaking and acting that we are worthless and defeated and will in fact block what God has designed, gifted and trained you for. Therefore do not put down this “New Creation” anymore, act, function and live in This New Being. Do not look back anymore to previous mistakes and unpleasant memories of a sinful act remembering all have sinned and fallen short of the glory certainly if there had been sufficient numbers of sin-free people it might become debatable that the sacrifice of Jesus was necessary. Therefore, consider again the Huge Gifts that have come wrapped to such a small package and use these gifts as God intends with full confidence and assurance in Him who shall never leave or forsake you, his Child, the New man or woman in Christ. Isn’t it wonderful to discover that the Huge Gift in a small package is none other thanYOU!


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