Dear Mr. Robinson,

The furor over the 2014 Synod on the Family is subsiding only slowly, as everyone seems to be struggling to switch gears.

Phil Lawler finds himself concerned over negative attitudes toward Pope Francis, often expressed in distinctly unedifying ways. He covers both sides of the question in The Pope is not the problem.

What is lingering most, I think, is hard feelings over the Kasper Proposal. I try to replace heat with light on this issue: Do not confuse sacramental discipline and Catholic doctrine.

In any case, if you’d like to see the best fruits of this particular discussion, putting the family at the center of the New Evangelization, take a look at this: Ignatius Press into the Breach: Trumping the Kasper Proposal.

Meanwhile, I confess I have a fresh concern that bears serious consideration: Is Cardinal Kasper losing his grip?

And now, reluctantly, I wonder whether we need to create an Episcopal Loose Cannon Award? It was sad to see some bishops blasting away at the Synod as soon as it closed:

We really do need to move on. Pope Francis helps with three excellent addresses:

Meanwhile, this past Wednesday was the first time the Church has celebrated the feast of Pope Saint John Paul II. Jennifer Gregory Miller explains her top ten reasons for the importance of JPII to her family.

Finally, the Pontifical Biblical Commission has completed its most recent five-year cycle by releasing a new document on the inspiration and truth of Sacred Scripture. I can’t wait until this important text becomes available in English!

Now I venture to say that you simply cannot find sane Catholic coverage like this anywhere else. Please help us along. If you haven’t already, I need you to visit our Fall Campaign page, while your gift can count twice.


Jeff Mirus
Trinity Communications


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