Love is much more than pure and lovely thoughts or even speech to another. It is His love that empowers us to achieve an absolute belief and trust in Him. It is also fearless, bold and the very essence or blood line of life. Our perception of love is always tempered with the mind’s dependence upon feelings and sensations of the flesh while God’s love is both selfless and fleshless. Love is ALL MATTER of life, it covers sin, conquers death, and energizes all things. It is our breath, thought, health, joy, and fulfillment of peace. It creates, sustains, giving, never wavering or asking anything in return. It seeks the well being of others and is the fountainhead of life’s nourishment as living water. It cleanses the inner man and establishes all the foundations of decision both conceived and acted upon. It is Grace and Mercy, and Forgiveness. It is wisdom and sacrifice. It is God the Father and the One given us because of it. Love holds absolutely everything of creation together and the creature too. And when truth is found love becomes you.

Love from God
Love from God



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  1. Thoughtful and perfect meaning of the most “used” word in our language. You cause the reader to evaluate how we live and express love. God shows and teaches us the real meaning of love, sometimes it’s difficult to allow ourselves to know that because of him we have life and love.

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