The recent hoopla over comments made by Mr. Gruber regarding the plight of the American Voters mental capacity and the Affordable Care Act, gives the observer even more to digest when attempting to decipher truth from fiction. President Obama adds to this dilemma when absolving himself from this alleged co-architect of Obama Care when he claims he only recently found out about Gruber’s statements on a staff update prior to a necoyws conference in Australia this week. Yet we find video affirmation of the President and Mr. Gruber indeed collaborating on the Act so who is telling the truth. Answer. Neither. Both are fabricating the actual events leading up to a rushed push by Congress to make this monstrosity law. When the American Citizen can no longer rely on any form of truth emanating from Washington then this country founded upon principles of truth has become a nation of liars.

When liars lie about lies from another liar then you have found the abyss and proponents of the master liar known as the prince of the air (waves?). It is because the mainstream media propagates these lies that they make their bed with liars and the house of lies grows ever larger to the point where the whimpering masses feel abandoned and helpless. With the recent mid-term elections we hear of hope that newly elected Congress now with Republican majorities in both houses will stop some of the fallout of Democratic lies but wait a minute how many of these “Knights in Shining Armor” have really done anything in the past to verify something happening that corrects the slide of credibility in government?  I am reminded of an old cartoon where the sheep dog battles the coyote all day long only to tell each other good night when they punch out at the end of their shift. Good night Mitch. See you tomorrow Harry.


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  1. Your article confirms what any discerning citizen of the United States should understand. We have been manipulated for so long by the mainstream press, who by the way have little or no credibility, they are puppets of the shadow government and are purposeful in only presenting what they want us know. Thank you for your voice of faith and reason.
    When truth finally does become documented we are told its a lie. We have been lied to from campaign and election of the present administration.

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