img_4083Hinterland is generally described as being remote, away from a metropolitan setting. In this case the Metropolitan region is defined as a life apart from Jesus Christ full of lights and activities pleasing to the soul. This land is full of distractions and the alluring air is full of the feeling good syndrome doing what all the others do in the pursuit of riches and acclaim. It’s all about the “me” and how I feel and look. Time is forever an enemy here as there is never enough time available to do all the things I want to do and certainly all measures are taken to cover any of the physical issues that time has deposited. Decisions are justified by “life is too short” as though because you only live once I must do this thing because it may not present itself again. This thing called life is self absorbing and it builds a cocoon around one’s being to the point of becoming incarcerated by it. Though imprisoned, the self absorbed think that somehow they have become the axis of their little world and all events and relationships flow to and from them at their command and their self-importance is magnified. Money becomes imperative and there is never enough no matter how much one may have because without it the status desired could never be achieved. The home, cars, clothes and general appearance is after all how one is judged by his peers. Advertisers know this and they cater to this mentality constantly advising that you never have enough and certainly you want the newest and the best. Luxury cars and the finest fashion are prerequisites  to entering the finest restaurants otherwise you might be judged as inferior and talked about. This prison of thought is found in an unregenerate mind and these thoughts are always crowding their way into prominence and the things of constant focus has become you. This pace of living is fast and fraught with danger and it wears on you but being tired is a state of mind too and I must push on or I lose it all and it’s called “Life in the City“. The pressures are building to keep this up to maintain current position and sleep eludes you and you decide a change must occur.

To the Hinterland I say, things are slower there. Time has brought a bit of reckoning as the kid in me mysteriously has begun to leave me feeling kind of tired and somewhat introspective. I get to the suburbs to find things are pretty much the same here. Big houses, lots of traffic in expensive cars, kids everywhere, soccer or softball tournaments every weekend, shopping malls, apartment buildings everywhere for the up and coming and I wonder if it’s further out of the Metro because this seems as the breeding ground for what I just ran from. Perhaps a small town or an acreage? That could be the place where I will find myself some peace of mind so I can recompute my life perhaps re-prioritizing my goals and objectives. Only recently have you begun to notice that when in the whirlwind you have overlooked some people missing some events you now wished you hadn’t and strangely some moments of remorse have found an opening in your thinking and you begin to wonder about yourself and decisions you have made. Another thing rural isn’t so rural anymore. Why, there are housing developments even out here and whoa what’s that smell? A notice is prominently posted that there is an upcoming meeting of a Homeowners Association to discuss shutting down that nearby farming operation which happens to be a 100 year old farm. Where can I go to find peace of mind and happiness, being content within myself? Who can tell me of such a place? I need to accommodate a growing agitation within and I can not find it out here either. Come home! What? Who is that? Come home I say again. Go back to my home town? Can that be? The last time there I found little of interest a lot of stores I remembered were gone and things generally looked somewhat tattered and broken down. How could I be happy there? Somethings festering in me and I don’t know what it is.

John! how have you been man. I haven’t seen you in years. I thought you were still on Wall Street. I left there 3 years ago and came home. Home? John you didn’t grow up here. I know, but I have come to know the Lord and when I found him or He me, I also found my home. That’s interesting John because I just recently heard in my mind to come home and I had no idea where it came from or what it meant. Perhaps Someone is trying to get your attention. Perhaps the Lord is calling you to Him. John I’m no religious guy I haven’t gone to church with regularity for years. No matter you less to unlearn. Want to meet up Sunday and go with me? Well I’ll give it a try if you let me buy brunch. You got it. I’ll pick you up at the hotel. Maybe you are on your way to that peace you are looking for and just maybe the land where you are to live and the house you are to build. It is in the Hinterland my friend far beyond all of this and yet it is right here. Home it has a good sound.






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