In the mirror we see but dimly

How audacious a man that would question things as it pertains to the Lord. A question that has been asked for centuries, where are you Lord? If there had never been a Bible or other writings that spoke of God and His son Christ Jesus would we know Him? Everything quoted and taken as truth is primarily based upon man. You say that the Creature is without excuse because the Creator has made himself known. Who says? Paul. You say that no man could come to Jesus unless God had drawn him or her. Who says? The Bible. You say the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Who says? Scholars, who are men  deciding what was to canonized to make up the books of the bible and it is further reckoned that these individuals were influenced by the Holy Spirit. Again, who says? You say that it is by faith these things are accepted and you tell me that those who have not seen are more blessed than those who did see him and look upon him and follow him as did the Disciples. But that was thousands of years ago and why were greater requirements placed upon those that follow in the sequence of time by exercising something that is not so physical such as seeing with your eye or touching the hem of his garment. How does one discuss anything of God without the learned responses generated by reading or listening? How many generations have come and gone all believing during their brief stay upon this earth that maybe during their lifetime Jesus would come. Who is it that has received revelation knowledge from the Lord Himself that furthered the cause of Christianity? Where on earth are those who enter a place only to have persons come to them to be healed or to be touched by a shadow? Who can be shown to me that when I have seen them I have seen Jesus? Why would the “Word” of God be written and rewritten so many many times without divine intervention pointing out error in the original manuscript? You have as many interpretations of things written in scripture as you have people. People create businesses around religion that incorporate anything from publishing to clothing. Large massive edifices are built presumably to honor God and worship him but more likely as not they become their own means to an end. Further, why the hundreds of denominations if the Word of God is true and pure, wouldn’t we be of one accord and one body?

If a person were granted 15 minutes with Jesus in the throne room observing and discussing the things as they currently are on this planet what would be those things pointed out by the Lord? How could he regenerate that movement that occurred upon his Resurrection? You say it is yet day and with God there is no time. Who says? Did God himself tell you that? You say no man has seen God at any time yet Jesus said to his disciples when they had seen him they had seen the Father. Have you seen Jesus in any of your peers? Is there anyone you know that upon first blush resembles Jesus? Or are the people of earth just as clueless as the disciples were? You say we will have the fullness upon the return of Jesus. Who said? The Bible. What’s that? It is a compilation of 66 books written by men of God. So then are those men are more worthy than any person living today? Are there not other issues of an infinite God that could be written? Is it not stated in scripture that the world could not contain all the books that could be written about the Lord? You say God is the same yesterday, today and forever so wouldn’t the Lord be interested in further embellishing us with insight and wisdom as he was then? What has changed? You say it is all done and completed in Christ Jesus that all things have been reconciled in him and that he is the all in all. So does that mean he is me and I am him and there really never was the other guy other than an inanimate life form in need of awakening?  From dust to dust you say. So if I don’t awaken I will just return to dust is that what you are saying?  We all die do we not? Do you have any relatives a couple of hundred years still walking around on this earth? Of course not!

You say how could the heavens and earth, planets, plants, animals, the sun and the moon be here if God had not created it? Others say it was just here via a “big bang” a theory of those that apparently may not believe in a god. But if God is real and he sent his only begotten Son for the salvation of mankind then shouldn’t all mankind know that? And if Jesus and the kingdom are within you shouldn’t I see that in you walking down the sidewalk? How does one distinguish you the child of God from any other person walking on the street? Why do you look just like them both in attire and in action? No my friend if God is real and his “Word” is duly recorded shouldn’t there be a uniqueness in you not found in the masses? You say it is recorded that the Christian is not to outfit himself in a pronounced and peculiar manner calling attention to a pious person with ash or other regalia. So I am still asking; Has anyone seen Jesus lately? Can I see Jesus in you? Do you exemplify Christ in your daily living? Where are you Lord? Here I am says He. Where says I? Look in the mirror comes the reply. Is this the Word made flesh and now I have my proof? –  Robinson – Happy thanksgiving.


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