It was asked of me to re post this; so here it is?

For some of us the learning process has been extended. Case in point is housecleaning. As a man who lives alone, I am constantly amazed at how much time needs to be budgeted from my previous concept of a “lick and a promise” thinking always what’s the big deal about keeping a tidy household? That is until recently when I had an conscious  awakening.  Do you realize  how much dust flies in the air all the time? I find it extremely discouraging to sit on the end of my bed and watch dust descend on my brand new dusting job.  I’m thinking how can this be that I need to re-dust what I have already dusted. Of course it’s possible that one should not buy black bedroom furniture and it’s further possible one should not open the blinds on a sunny day. So I try those fluffy dusting things you slide on a plastic handle. Swifter, I believe it’s called. It is a good name for a guy looking for expediency to the dreaded inevitability of a periodic cleaning job to maintain class just in case someone should visit. Those things are swift alright, it swiftly moves that dust from place to another place even though the little pink fluff looks like it had been playing in a dirt pile somewhere. I looked into using Pledge noticing that stuff kind of leaves a film, especially if you look at the surface of the furniture from a bent over angle. Polish Cleaner ought to solve my dilemma it cleans the wood while leaving a shine. This product actually did leave a clean surface and yeah it shined a little so I declared a victory. That is until I sat at the end a my bed to watch the dust fall upon the surface as described above and I decide this is a losing proposition and declared dust the winner. Besides I noticed when I closed the vines I began sneezing, yep dust. Did you know when dust gets wet it becomes black wet dirt?

Sweeping the carpet, now that seems pretty straight forward, just get out the machine, plug it in and away you go. That is until you too far then all of a sudden the power stops and you say what? Ah, the cord unplugged. After finding another closer place to plug in I’m off again kicking butt now. I wonder why all my attachments are of the wrong diameter or size to reach that corner spot without moving all the furniture? I’ll be darned that every time I sweep I’m going to be moving furniture. The heck with it. Guilt? Kinda, so I turn the machine off and proceed to move a chair or whatever “to get behind it” as my Mother used to say. Must say though when everything is back in place and the machine is parked back in it’s holding spot you feel kind of proud and you declare the house is clean, until…, until you notice the windows. Darn, (that is not the word used) you pull the window wash squirt bottle from under the sink and shoot over the glass and proceed to wipe it down. Oh my, more science. There are certain clothes to be used in lieu of the good old standby paper towels and their some products much better than Windex did you know that? Um mm, no. Clear Glass kicks Windex’s butt. OK, Clear Glass.

Now that I have a clean domain I look around and say well done Bobby boy. Then I notice and wonder, how could those little crud’s be on the carpet I just vacuumed for Christ’s sake?  I say Christ because he tells us to be clean. And I’m thinking, it seems as though when I walk crud falls off me and deposits on my freshly clean carpet. I start examining myself looking at my pants and shirt determining I don’t seem to see any crud. I walk to the bathroom noticing as I pass by the bedroom that dust has invaded my black bedroom furniture again and I now debate perhaps one sweeps first then dusts versus the other way around which should circumvent the amount or frequency of those little dusts particles from flying all over the place. And how about “little fuzzes” have you ever found yourself in your favorite chair and you look up and see these little fuzzy things descending form somewhere up there and you think I wonder where that came from.

This morning, I looked at a mirror in my office and I ask myself. how in the world did that mirror get kind of smeary and dusty? Upon reflection, I drew the conclusion that things just get dirty on their own and a person doesn’t have to do a thing to cause it . It just happens. Secondly, I need to dust and clean every day, and third God had it right in the beginning, Bobby boy From dust you came and to dust you shall go. So you see I brought the dust with me when I was born and I have been dusty all my life but that’s alright because there is an ultimate receptacle for it and then maybe my dust will be someone Else’s problem. Perhaps, I have discovered new meaning to that old adage of leaving someone behind in a cloud of  dustGod has something to say about a man who sleeps in dust: “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever”.

An additional observation since I wrote this. After writing this I was looking out my balcony door to see these particles falling from the sky and I noted it really wasn’t snow and it wasn’t sleet so I am wondering what is this? Then I thought maybe its just frost falling then a Voice seemingly said It is Star Dust my friend. Go figure although I have heard stardust can get in your eyes.


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