I very much like the descriptive words of this piece particularly when based on a Christian’s development as portrayed by the progressive formation of a baby…

Teilhard de Chardin


This weekend is the First Sunday of Advent. The readings can be found here. Advent is often thought of as a time of watching and waiting. That is true and the readings the next four weeks highlight themes from the Hebrew Bible where God’s chosen people waited many centuries for a savior (and the savior was very different than they imagined!). However, another theme throughout the Hebrew Bible is that God was always with his people. He never abandoned them despite their turning away from him time and time again.

These themes give me comfort. In my own life, I have turned away from God many times. Ultimately “God’s wrath” (perhaps better described as the karmic justice of my turning away from ultimate love and beauty) reminds me that I have strayed. It is comforting to know that God is patiently there waiting for me with open arms, healing my…

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