Dancing up a Storm…

 Back in the day, we used to go to dances called Teen Hops or Sock Hops with a DJ spinning 45”s from the stage. We guys would stand in a line along one edge of the room evaluating girls on a scale of one to ten. There goes a 7 one would exclaim. Another

No, that Bird with a hat is not me!
No, that Bird with a hat is not me!

would say nah, a 5 at best. That is, until one guy would think the 5 was a 10 and you guessed it, our line was reduced by one. But we also had this one little guy named Steve. Steve had a mouth and invariably would slither away make some inappropriate comment to some other guy out there dancing and then run back to get behind us when trouble was brewing. This friends, reminds me of our current President. He goes about saying things and then, when the action he calls for fails or is challenged, he will say he never said it or didn’t know about it, while standing behind his White house staff and laying blame elsewhere.  Steve, meet Barack.




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