United States Capitol, Washington, D.C., east ...
United States Capitol, Washington, D.C., east front elevation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are 10,484 bills and resolutions currently before the United States Congress. Of those, only about 5% will become law. They must be enacted before the end of the 2013-2015 session (the “113th Congress”). That’s ten and one half thousand bills and resolutions. How does one compute the actual cost of these to the American Taxpayer before enacted which means staff time, printing, ink, postage or delivery and handling. I am not counting the cost to taxpayers once it is enacted. Seldom is any legislation or regulatory statute ever to come out of Washington that does not create an additional burden in both compliance and enactment costs often incorporating a tax or fee of some sort. Then we learn of bills that exceed  2,000 pages and find that our elected officials, (who incidentally also cost the taxpayer in wage and benefits) don’t even read them before they are acted upon only to learn later that additional costs are to be incurred for amendments and/or rewrite expenses. Continuing on with the current process of legislating, we find countless staff employed to write the stipulations of the bill and the necessary statutes required to enforce it’s implementation on the people of the nation who notice a continuation of further restricting their freedom which has a cost all its own.

Just how big is government? And what has become of government? What has become of States Rights and how and why did the people of this country allow this mammoth tail start to start wagging the dog?  Why are the persecuted silent? Can we the people honestly believe that a Republican Congress is going to actually curtail big government? So we recently elected a new majority in Congress but look at the “Good Ol’ Boy” leadership still intact. Mitch McConnell heads the Senate, John Boehner the House, Harry Reid as Minority Leader in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi will likely continue as House Minority Leader. What has changed? Will the continued barrage of senate or house bills and the rising cost to taxpayers be abated? Does anyone want to place a wager? Federal Government was intended to be limited at its founding and instead it has become a money munching machine with an insatiable appetite with people serving in capacities of government that generally last a lifetime which incidentally brings even more costs as you take care of their retirement incomes and health needs for the rest of their lives. Most never return to their states upon retirement or defeat because they have established new homes that are not in the state that sent them but rather upscale accommodations in nice climates affordable now as a lot of them have become millionaires. You see if you sponsor this bill Senator, we will make sure that the house you want will be very accessible. And by the way here is some spending money in the meantime.

I purpose sponsoring a Bill that should not cost us as much. Establish term limits for all in government, Do not allow for career politicians becoming corrupt instead go back to original intent of citizen representatives who leave their professions for an established time to serve our nation and then return home to their job’s or businesses. Not only does this keep our legislative bodies fresh but it calls for many more people to be involved to fill these available roles on a far more frequent basis. I know people have contemplated this before but why has there been no collective action to make it so. I guess most don’t care enough to act which is the mostly costly decision of all. And if you are astute, you have noticed I didn’t even mention the costs of Executive Orders.


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