I vividly remember a dream from the night. I had dreamed of an old house. I recognized it as a house I had lived in as a youth. But now the second

English: My new house This is when we first lo...
English: My new house This is when we first looked at the house. I was very excited. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

story of the house had large holes in the walls and you could daylight through the roof and you could easily see out. I remember noticing the ceiling of the main floor looked water-logged as though it could collapse at any moment. The first floor walls were still intact but worrisome as to its stability. There were newspapers spread around the floor. Some of the papers looked old and faded and some looked new and white in color and I wondered at that thinking there must be a new kind of paper being used for print. The color difference of the the two papers was quite striking.

I looked at the foundation of the house and wondered could this foundation sustain a new construction? Was it too cracked or too severely weakened? Then I saw many workmen and a bulldozer knocking the old house down. The laborers were building a new house at the very same location. And though the old house had stood at this location for many years, yet now I see a new foundation with a “cornerstone”. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself. I went to the Scriptures and looked up and looked up the word “house”. I settled myself with the following as the message of my dream: 2 Cor 5: 1 “For we know that if the earthly tent which is our house is torn down, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”, and Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it”.

Revelation does come by the Holy Spirit. It comes for preparation, knowledge and application to one’s life and it comes at the discretion of the Lord. A stirring in your spirit is caused by the One who stimulates the stirring and it has purpose for the changing of life and its direction. If the the Holy Spirit is to speak to a Saint of God, he must have that persons full attention. Change like the old house is coming to us. He will now set us upon a new course that will further perpetuate an entering in with Christ to a more fuller life in the Spirit. Revelation is the unveiling of Christ in us, that “new house” as fleshly ways are removed and we become One with the Lord in mind body and spirit. Our thoughts, actions and manner of speech become His and this power is for and subject to God’s purpose, plan and need. To enter the New House and know greater revelation and understanding we must be able to release the “old” doctrine, notion and limitation of the carnal mind. If we are to be governed by the natural mind we (the old house) cannot stand and we will not and cannot break the barriers to hear and know the Heavenlies.


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