Where does one find uniformity in anything in life? Where does one locate that Upper Room where 120 sit in one mind or in one accord? Where is found a single truth regarding any subject. How is one mind, one body or one spirit achievable when our population has become so segmented that every assent meets dissent by virtue of the next breath. So it goes with Republican/Democrat, liberal/conservative, Protestant/Catholic, rich/poor, you get the picture. A duality in most things do create that old cliche  “There are two sides of every story”. Unfortunately, many people get caught up in a particular segmented group and that becomes their domain for life and is the basis for their perspective and opinion regardless of the subject put at hand. Polls are popular today attempting to generate a consensus on a particular matter and when a consensus is not found, a majority is deemed satisfactory to move an agenda forward pointing out that something in excess of 50% shows a pattern of belief that will serve to substantiate a position. Misdirection is a strategy employed by many including government that is designed solely to cause fragmentation in a populace so that uniformity is not possible, and it creates the hoped for divide in the people by forming situations that cause public outcry further bolstered by the media and others supplying information that is always slanted toward the planned agenda knowing full well that a consensus could never be reached.

Does everyone in the world believe there is a God? Nope. Do all people believe Jesus Christ was the Son of God who died for the sins of the world? Nope. Is Christianity uniform in its beliefs? Nope. Do all Christians believe the Catholic Church is the true church of God? Nope. Are all Christians aware that worldwide there are 11 Christians killed every hour of every day? If so where is the outcry? Do Christians know that there are approximately 28,000 Pastors of all faiths nationwide that have signed up to be members of the FEMA Clergy Response Team and are instructed not to cite the Bible beyond ? Do all Christians agree that Sunday is the Sabbath Day? Nope. Do all Christians believe the King James Bible is the only bible to read? Nope. It is probable that most Christians would agree that the world is pretty fouled up these days but do you think a consensus could be reached as to how to fix it? Nope. So where are we? Can we agree that we all ought to be praying daily for all the persecuted Christians in the world who are dying for their faith? I think so, but do we? Nope. I am reminded of growing up in a family with three sisters. Did I always get along with these strange humans called girls? Nope. Do I love all three of these girls? Yep. So now I have the only basis to which our Lord God was expressing when forming the world and putting humans on the planet and that basis was LOVE. Without Love we can not bring peace or tranquility to this planet. Without love I cannot give you my shoulder to lean upon or feed when you are hungry or put clothes on your back regardless of who you are.

I call to all for an end to fragmentation of the Body of Christ to a Convergence in Christ. I say lay divisiveness down to the Unity of Faith called for by our Lord. If you can’t count on me for help when needed, then I have failed you and my Lord. What’s that Song? Come Together Right Now?. WE have a Head now lets get the body coordinated and end the segmentation of society.








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