There are those who know by faith the will of God on a matter but find that within themselves a life that has been caught up in worldly detail and ideachallenge. If a person for whatever reason believes it is their lot in life to suffer and to be of no account should know that generally it is not the Father’s will but a result of a pitiful, demeaning state of a self imposed reticence. This attitude or point of view does not make allowance for a true place in Christ by faith and indicates a lack of trust in God. In fact, this position is actually slanderous to God and his promises. It is disobedience personified and worse it is a form of self worship over God. This person when in the state of “can’t”, will never accomplish because it is always avoiding doing that thing known to do. It will always excuse itself as weak, too poor, or a victim of circumstance and will not attempt what is known to do. This person believes they have no power, not enough money but most a lack of the necessary confidence. All of the above especially when combined, facilitates fear which will kill ideas or leading’s cold. It worries about what others may think, say or do. (“A man pleaser”?) This of course give others more power over you than they ought to have thereby generating a reactive position which is defensive in nature. This person will not step out boldly and declare a thing when called. Noah is a good example of one given a mission by God that on first blush seems quite ludicrous considering there was no rain and never had rained yet God instructs him to build a boat. Consider what must have been running through Noah’s mind when he might have said in today’s vernacular Whatever am I doing? Where would something like this even be floated? Perhaps during the time of labor doubts were present flamed further by comments coming from his  friends and very possibly thought what a fool he must be. But there was something greater in Noah than a limited fleshly mind because Noah was a man of faith and carried with him an obedient spirit. This is what kept Noah to task and and by stepping forward found that God had prepared building plans and able to supply all necessary means to finish the job. There is one thing for certain, Noah had never built a boat before.

Do I continue to reserve myself from God’s best for me and continue my withdrawn ways or begin afresh according to the purpose and plan of God for my life? A decision is required. Choose you this day whom you will serve be it God or mammon. Do not consider this challenge lightly because for some it is an issue of life and death. It is also implicitly dishonest to give appearance or word of following God when in fact He is waiting for you to do the things he has called you to do. To change outward things there is of necessity a change required within, and then to be that Overcomer that the world awaits. It cannot be that someone says yes Lord I will do it, and then fall back. There is an action required to substantiate word and your stated intent. It must become your being (essence) and not too many words. Will you cut the rope that keeps you docked at a self imposed mooring or will you let go and sail into the deep trusting the Lord to keep you afloat. This then truly is the “Valley of Decision”. Can it be that you will reach to new and fearful heights remembering that once your hands are set to the plow there can be no looking back. It is the complete absorption into the will and plan of god.

Would you agree with me that Christians ought to be a proactive lot versus reactive? I hope so because think about this: You are to govern with Jesus one of these fine days. I have laid out a planning mechanism to assist those interested in how to move through a planning process for change. I have named it Quad-Defining, may seem a little like business but after all are we not about our Father’s business? Use it anyway that works for you.

Quad – Defining!


“Discovering the truth of a matter”

By: Robert Robinson


The Strategy of Cause


He is not passive, but pro-active and He energizes all things. Heb: 4:12



The Needed Premise

That Strategic Planning is important and that a thorough and objective evaluation of the existing condition needed, and an action plan for future development required.


 The Process

 Foreknowledge or PrescienceKnowledge of actions or events before they occur. It is foresight, knowing beforehand or being visionary.

 Thought– the act, process, or power of thinking, a body of ideas. It is introspective in nature. Thoughts move in a circular motion, they come to you and unless captured move on, man calls it a recurring thought. If these thoughts are not captured and acted upon they drift away perhaps never to return.

The process outline listed below defines the method of creation and invention which are the          forerunners of true research and development leading to demonstration and models (paradigms) and is parent to dynamic change.

Idea/s– These are the concepts, images or picturing of the vision. Concept is the Centrex or core of a thing, circumstance, or situation. There is an essence or life to it. It is the place of problem solving.

Desire-To long for, want, a request or petition, a craving. It is needs analysis and focusing on vision. Desire creates the logos which is desire spoken and the work or action required to develop a plan of action.

 LogosAction verb of creation. It is your words describing the object of your desire. Words have power and you speak of creation when describing the vision and acting upon it. It is the action needed to develop the plan.

 Work– Narrowing choices and drawing conclusions which are precursors to establishing goals and objectives and developing a working plan of action. It is the action of bringing the unseen to the position of being seen by function.

 Manifestation– The vision has become apparent and a present reality that is in-place and functioning to be observed or obtained.



 Gestation is required. The appointed time to conceive and during the gestation period nothing is seen but there is growth nevertheless. It is the hidden thing to be revealed. The minute something is conceived it has life. There is need for intercourse (interaction) to make a conception. There is no conception until the right two things have become united. Nothing can be birthed unless that union has transpired and conception begins. During this process a roll-over (inversion) occurs and the head of the concept is no longer hid. There is no birth without labor. It is the receipt of hidden things hoped for.

Wisdom is birthed by and through knowledge. This knowledge is an accumulation of facts. When the facts are assembled into a structure understanding occurs. The newly planned structure gives one the ability to perceive and comprehend the plan. Once the framework of understanding is constructed the interrelationships of data will be found and will appear like a jigsaw puzzle with some pieces missing or like a matrix with only some of the points filled in. Studying this matrix, new insights will materialize from the previously obscure. A notion is an elusive idea awaiting expression at the proper time. It starts as a tiny thing calling forth energy and the concept pours into being through the matrix or womb the birth-place of a new creation. You must be able to clearly see the concept to ignite the energy to the start point. This will also define the true function of your purpose. In the steps of creation the word logos was used. Logos has been translated into 25 different English words. Logos means the expression of thought, the embodying a conception or idea. It also encompasses the work required to bring the idea to fruition.


There are two creation approaches:

  1. To utilize that which exists which can be disassembled and restructured or folded to form a new more complex entity or
  2. To construct from scratch, developing needed components or sub-entities that can be merged together to the core or main function making sure all sub-entities are absolutely necessary and cost effective.

This is accomplished by analyzing or scanning the situation or circumstance to provide a factual portrayal or image of what is the existing situation. This will provide you the information needed to identify the core or the heart of circumstance existing in your  life and it’s appendages and responsibilities. It is important to keep in mind that growth can change the original core function of your day  The new paradigm you are designing is not to become large and complex but designed to maintain a “small box” mentality able to effectively respond to the creation or action desired and in accordance to the prescribed manner of need. The desired result is however, to maintain integrity and only add on additional functions as pressure caused reactions are shown. This “Strategy of Cause” formula allows for control of your output as well as internal inputs and you will achieve results in a highly measurable manner. Will power, discipline and motivation are absolute requirements.


“Piercing the Veil”!

 Being at the point of the Spear!

 In law there is a term called “piercing the veil” and although the meaning is geared more towards holding individual shareholders liable for corporate obligations, some corporate structures can shield shareholders from liability and it is said that there is a “veil” between the corporation and its shareholders such that creditors cannot hold shareholders liable for corporate financial liabilities. In our case we shall use the phrase to mean piercing the natural mind and its age-old tradition and fixation on stagnation. Those persons that are the catalysts for change or invention will find themselves in a very uncomfortable place at being at the point of the spear. The spear being an instrument to penetrate current structure and the point is the tip of invasion to assess and evaluate current conditions and come to a consensus that change must occur and why. When this evaluation begins know that you will encounter friction but you must look directly at the point or matrix of action because this is that tiny speck to creation. When fully prepared to begin the assault, attack in overwhelming force establishing credibility for your actions by well thought out remedies and an action plan to achieve your newly stated goals and objectives and the required strategies to carry them out. You will not initially appreciate change as you may not wish to leave your comfort zone and begin something that is perceived as unknown and frightening. To circumvent some of this uneasiness make a friend or a family member a part of the planning process and assure them that their inputs are valued and wanted.


You’re Action Plan!

What Was?  Though old information may approximate some truth, truth perhaps you have held for years, those very same truths or theories become inadequate or flawed when they are extrapolated to the extreme and into the future. This creates the basis for entirely new models to emerge when researched and may provide the impetus or foundation of new thought. Thus from entirely new or expanded thought comes new laws and fresh predictions. When old assumptions are eradicated a revocation of accepted theories are possible and those same concepts expanded or revolutionized being built upon new theory or thought. This then, creates new laws or suppositions for experimentation and testing.

Everyone had a foundational reason for being formed in the beginning and no doubt there remains a critical aspect of the founding purpose that are viable today and those founding principles should remain in the new plan. There are, however, aspects of the beginning that are no longer viable and these should be dropped or reformulated to more accurately reflect current situations and circumstance, (you are after all Born Again) keeping the old because it is tradition or the “way we have always done things” is not an adequate answer to the present needs of your new plan neither is change simply for the sake of change prudent. “What Was” describes the original concept and functions of who you have been to this point from the known origins. Abstract and keep the good points and list them.

 What Is? This is where you are today. Some of the current conditions are desirable some are not. Describe the differences listed from the “What Was” as compared to the “What Is” and list those differences. What are the major changes that have occurred and why?

What Should Be? This is a synopsis of changes that need to occur to advance your purpose and mission. What changes need to occur? You must allow yourself to quality time for free thinking about issues as they now exist. This is precursor to strategic work sessions combining knowledge of the present circumstance and new ideas to be explored. It is the discovery what everyone involved knows or believes. Outside input should be sought as you may want other’s opinions and/or thoughts. Schedule yourself creative work session to gather all sources of input to be evaluated and gleaned for feasibility and purpose. What is to come? This involves compilation and analysis of all data acquired and a prioritizing exercise to determine who we are versus what we want to become. This data is categorized and ranked according to your new adopted vision to be pursued and strategized into the goals and objectives required for your new action plan for the future.


Strategy of Cause” ≥ has at least the following important elements.

  1. Realization
  2. Understanding
  3. Knowing
  4. Experiencing
  5. Becoming/Doing



Strategy of Analysis”Requirements: You must be objective, disciplined, and maintaining your willpower, and motivation.

  1. Action
  2. Approach
  3. Blueprint
  4. Design
  5. Maneuvering
  6. Program
  7. Tactics

How? ≥ Taking that which exists which can be disassembled and restructured to form a new more complex inclusive plan. To construct the idea stage developing needed components or sub-entities that can be merged together to a core or main function making sure all sub-entities are absolutely needed and effective. This strategy will allow for control of circumstances and will achieve results in a measurable way.

 To Demonstrate Something Requires:

  • Purposeful activity
  • Task or objective
  • Field of endeavor
  • Commerce
  • Industry / trade
  • Means of livelihood
  • Distribution of funds.
  • Gain, work, diligence
  • Business of overcoming in one’s own environment


 “Seven Steps to Creating a “NEW” You in Christ


  1. Foreknowledge or Vision: ≥ Imagination is the eye. This is the place of focus to find the picture of the vision
  2. Thought: ≥ Introspection, mulling over various thoughts. Thoughts are preparatory and deeds are product.
  3. Idea: ≥ Concepts, images, and picturing. Imaging is paramount to creating. We see beforehand what it is we are creating.
  4. Desire: ≥ Needs analysis – focus. Consider all need, want, desire or problems. Desire and Want become the Will.
  5. Word Speaking Plan: Action Verb of Creation – A person in action is really his or her word in action.
  6. Work: ≥ Goals/Objectives acted upon. (Working Plan) It takes work to energize a thing.
  7. Manifestation: ≥ The idea dimension becoming visible (operational) it is the demonstration of the visible form of what began as invisible. It is the fourth dimension of a thing Quad-Defined.

There you have it, I hope you will be my friend after this.












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