An illusionary projection of a falsified reality has held people captive since the time of Lucifer’s demise and expulsion from Heaven. Deception comes in many forms and only through true discernment is one able to see through the massive cloud of its many forms to find clear Reality. Ask anyone GuardianAngel-300x225what is real and answers are returned that document confusion on virtually every front of society. For example, what if the Government of the United States has already been compromised and given over to outside powers and all activity in Washington is but a stage production designed to maintain a semblance of normalcy to the citizens of the nation while dark things are carried out unseen behind the screen. This fictional movie we all watch is meant to keep us preoccupied with the ever present planned events along with other actions and requirements that are structured and scheduled to both divert attention and to maintain a dependency on those in power who pose as representatives of a government.

Where is truth found? Further, can we even define truth to the extent that it is absolute? What is the theory of misdirection and why is it important? What empirical evidence can you present that doesn’t have its doubters or counter claims? Even in the following of Christ can you say that all believe in the same way or practice their faith in uniformity? If Jesus who claimed to be the Truth cannot maintain a single purpose and understanding in his followers then where else can one look for a source of absolute truth? From : 5-7 Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where You are going, how do we know the way?” Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. “If you had known Me, you would have known My Father also; from now on you know Him, and have seen Him.”… yet scripture also points out that no man has seen God at any time so then Christ Jesus must have been speaking of attributes of His Father found in him and not necessarily a physical appearance as to body form. To most, spiritual things are not seen by the naked eye short of a manifestation given for specific purpose and to the furtherance of an individual’s edification to an important matter.

It then seems logical to assume that the Adversary is also invisible to the naked eye and is seen only in men and women who subscribe to or are unwitting pawns of the Angel of darkness to carry out the plan of defeating God’s plan for humanity. Spiritual warfare is carried out in a realm not readily observed unless or until a blatant act of evil is displayed before our very eyes. But could an undiscerning person be acting in compliance with a plan of overthrowing a kingdom without knowledge? Of course that would be possible if a person’s primary place of focus is anywhere but on the Lord and that is what is counted on by those who only seek power and wealth generated at your expense without regard of consequence to the person hurt. Why all the wars if not for the moneychangers because it certainly causes no more than a feigned remorse from those who watch people die as its result. Deception can be deadly and anyone who has experienced it knows full well the pain and hurt it causes especially when all trust and commitment had been given to the perpetrator in full faith and assurance. We, I believe, are now entering the final phase that will end this chaos. I am coming to understand an ending to things as they have been. When the winter is ending and spring is coming there oft times a clashing of the seasons creating great storms some with excessive violence causing great damage and loss of life. The foundation in the methodologies of the way things have been carried out in the past and present are teetering and cracks are beginning to form which will bring the house built with hands down. Light is coming and He will expose darkness and those evil things shall shrivel in his wake and burn. The Wheat shall be separated from the tares and our Lord shall take his Royal place on earth and truly every knee shall bow down before him and the Kingdom of God will have fully come.


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