Consider This…

What if you were one of the stars seen in the picture above. What if God said whom shall I send. What if you said here I am Lord send me. All chosen volunteering in their order to go through the overcoming process required to becoming a Son of God. What if you were to descend as The Bright Morning Star did, to do what He did, as Forerunner to those that follow. What if you are a Spiritual Part of the Great Spirit destined to inhabit a body made of clay to win victory over your fallen state to then return to your spiritual place of honor. What if we were as numberless as counting the particles of sand found on earth. What if the Sun (itself a star) of Righteousness was the Light spoken of by Saint John. What if the ones who would not go or those who did, but chose to not overcome, became as the dying, falling star that drops from the Heavens. What if you looked up to seek a bright shining night only to find clouds obstructing their light that represent only but unenlightened thinking. What if to remember from where you have fallen and to return to your first love was indeed the process personified in each of us here. What if in a mirror you see but dimly now (a reference to light) was but a reduced encapsulated bright shining star (Spirit). What if the words to a song “Let it shine, Let it shine” was inherit to the Spirit of Lord within guiding and directing you to your rightful place in glory. When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained. .  I am just asking, What if?

Let it shine     (click video to full screen)


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