New Years Day I find myself in the peculiar environment of a restaurant in my grocery store eating a breakfast buffet by myself. Adjacent to my booth were two young women discussing their dating issues and their participation on various dating sites. Perplexed they were, as to how a contact they had liked would just vanish into thin air. They also were wondering out loud if maybe their presentation of themselves ought to be amended. Actually I thought most of what they said was humorous, naive and and a little short sighted as to human nature. I did not think much more about that until this morning when I hear on Fox and Friends that today was the most prolific day for online dating. When one consider that the survival rate of a relationship between a man and a woman when consecrated in marriage is at or about 50% then something about that relationship has fallen woefully short. The following is what came to me shortly thereafter considering all of the above concentrating on the inaugural aspect of relationship .

imagescontractWhat is a man? Is he someone that fits a prescribed mode as defined by another? Is he alright by all measurement except that of a particular woman who has conceptualized what he should be? Is he rich in attributes or is his acceptance based solely upon tangible resources that afford the woman fulfillment of a self-diagnosed assessment of her parameters of desirable? How do a man and a woman find uniformity of thought, in politics, faith, dreams, freedoms, style of living or emotional and physical nourishment among other issues of life? Is life a smorgasbord of choices some items tasting good but bad for the waistline? So how does one “advertise” the special qualities of himself that appear believable to the already suspicious nature of the viewer? So it is said you begin by talking, talking small things like what’s your favorite color or church preference, I see you ran a business. There is a prescribed protocol that most follow and a lingo unknown to the novice that is akin to treading water. Do you think he will respond to my hello? What if he responds once, only to fade away? Well, I’ve been a member for 5 years. Why? I have been married two (2) times and you’re looking for a third? Short of abuse, an untimely death, or adultery, what is different now that would convince another that a pattern has not emerged to cause some consternation to the new candidate? Questions abound but not so many answers. So to those that “shop”, here is my “storefront window”, in truth and without excuse. Noting that a spring clearance sale is “dead” ahead with all items to be accepted or rejected as is with no returns and no warranty implied. Is marriage or special relationships a Contract in Life or an ultimate Covenant with 100% commitment to whom you subscribe? There are profound differences.


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