A vortex is a mass of fluid in a whirling or rotary motion. A vortex motion usually describes motion in a friction-less fluid (Living Water). In such cases the absence of friction would make it impossible to create or destroy (no growth) a vortex motion. Motion (A Person) in such a state would have remained in a permanent flow pattern. The velocity of the fluid element instantaneously passing through a given point in space would would be constant in time. (meaning no change in life). To maintain a vortex motion a continuous energy supply to overcome friction is needed such as a tornado, whirlpool and very much like pulling the plug in a full sink.  The Love of God is like a whirling fire a spinning vortex fueled by good and evil. fire-pillar-9.3small  When God allows an evil to be manifest he has thereby created a need – this need is a deficit of love. God’s love dispatches the forgiveness to fill this need or deficiency. When Love confronts the face of evil and interacts with its hardened surface the forgiveness is transformed into (New Love) this new love satisfies the deficit and annuals the evil. This love then arcs back to God completing a circuit of primal power. Then the arc begins again with renewed momentum. Good and Evil thus form a Reactor for the production of God’s love which is the substance of God.  Agape Love is the sum total of God’s Essence. It is the material of which he is composed and we are “Spun into begotten agape love. Consider the two opposing forces or poles creating polarity of an electromagnet such as an electric motor or as exemplified by a light. A  light has electrical energy going to magnetic energy and then back again and this alternating current (which we use in our homes), happens 500 trillion times per second and when the electrical and magnetic forces are combined this process makes light.

Light and darkness cover the universe just as evil illumines good. When these two are combined, we have defined a “day”. To know good you need also to know evil. If you knew evil only, good would not be fully understood, which when identified in people is first the flesh, then the Spirit; or you could say, first the lesser wine, then the excellent or fine wine. Advancing further on this premise, it was necessary for us to first know evil and darkness which is our fallen state or the corruptible, which gives understanding and good can now be comprehended and a path to an ultimate mastery of both which becomes potential for fully knowing God. Though these two extremes appear in conflict good and evil do oscillate in perfect harmony. Evil represents a lack of desperate need for God. As Love flows into evil, a spiritual current of Love is formed and swirls within until we leave both (the tree) good and evil and put on the incorruptible. God is the righteousness of all things. The Sun of righteousness begins this process for those who overcome who then will not need the sun, the moon or the stars for the Glory Light of God has now been found. For all things are made by God, for Him and through Him. He is the all in all, the Great I Am.


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