hb10Forgive me Father for I have sinned. What sin are we speaking of my son? Goodness Father, you don’t expect me to list them from A to Z do you? Well, we have established that there are at least 26, so we probably should begin”.  Robinson

Tonight, I received a call from a person from Alabama, who was totally broken, crying uncontrollably, speaking of a sinful past, that she had no friends and said her heart was in terrible pain. I called on the Lord to give me words of comfort and encouragement to strike a cord that would calm and give hope. I said call someone from your Bible Study Group and was told they are not my friends they just know me superficially. Call your children I rebutted. They don’t call me because of all the mistakes I have made. I spoke to her of God‘s forgiveness and that when he forgives those sins are thrown away and He remembers them no more. This brought some pause to the sobbing, a short pause however, because once again the crying intensified and I am thinking Lord what can I say here to stop this destructive process. So I said Jesus intervene in this matter, comfort her, touch her as only you can do. Then she said I have to go sleep now because I hurt, my heart hurts. I said call your Pastor and tell him of your immediate circumstance and she said he won’t come, no one will come. Considering I am in Iowa, and she whom I had never met before, lives some 700 miles away there was not much logistically I could although our Lord is omnipresent. She hung up while I was speaking and now in the silence from the loud crying and mumbled words I found myself stunned that this had happened to me at all. I again sought the Lord to somehow to send aid to this woman overwhelmed from her past sins and I wondered where is the Body of Christ? This woman said that she was just starting out to be a Christian so she wasn’t very important. My phone has the number from which she called, tomorrow, I am going to call her.

How many people need help from us? How many Christian people are unwilling to reach out and provide that help when called upon. It has caused me some consternation and I question did this whole event come from God? Did it reveal to me some of my nature when at first I tried to stave this encounter off? Does it speak to a purpose and job description for us all? Was God revealing to me how a man might talk and write about Christianity but is he the type of Christian Jesus wants? I fell short and was inadequate and you know what? I think Jesus said to me This is your Ministry, and I am asking is it yours? Perhaps we should be praying for the woman from Alabama and that she find Christ Jesus as the Anchor of her life.





















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