What is it you seek my son? Can it be said that the one whom you seek is found within? Call out to the world and see the response you receive. Do you look back and count your disappointments and then wonder why certain events have occurred causing complex anguish of thought? Who I ask by

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - The F...
William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) – The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ (1880) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

taking thought can add anything to a man who is under the hand of God? And truly you have thought and rethought and analyzed to the degree that you have placed a new definition to analysis. Does he who pledged all to me now complain because he has no understanding and laments that things are contrary to what he had supposed? What is the Spiritual process in a man? Does it just one day suddenly appear and all is well or can it be a gradual process, a dawning of a new day? Does joy really come in the morning which depicts newness, a freshness with anticipatory smells of new growth? A pure man does not decay, but remains steadfast in his newness and spreads to barren lands that are desolate and brings renewal to those elements seeking life. How long my Lord you cry? Does your Father hear the prayers and supplications of the righteous? Does He ignore one who seeks God with his whole heart and then render him as fodder? Are the fires of the Refiner too much to bear because in your blindness you can not see the One True Shepard standing there beside you? Can the Author of your faith complete a work he has begun? Can you say, not my will O Lord, but thy will be done in your agony and wonderment? You ask yourself if you have misunderstood and you think perhaps I have this all wrong and you yearn for moments of happiness and joy. But I am so alone and no one comes to comfort me, reinforce me, or give me support, or to perhaps provide me a crutch to lean on. O my many past friends, cannot you stay with me one hour in this moment of need? Console me, counsel me, hold me and put strength back into my soul.

Crucify Him, rid the world of this pathetic man who quibbles in his remorse and guile. The world needs not a man who is lost to our ways and there shall be no contributions from him. His subtraction from the rest of us is but a blessing from God. For if he were right with God these things should not have happened to him. No, he is the product of his own choices, his own decision and we cannot pay tribute to that. You have chosen your way now leave us alone. It is however, too bad, because he had potential.

Rise up my son, and take back your life. Let the new man of Christ shine forth and go your way to bring light and life to a dying world. Rejoice, I say rejoice, for you shall bring comfort and the hope of Christ to a dark world who do not see Truth and who, in their wisdom are as the dying vine on a branch. Tell them of Jesus in whom are all things gathered and tell them to turn away from their lustful pursuits to truly find that security they seek from the world which, shall soon pass away when all things become new.






  1. So their accusations stand. So they confuse the righteousness of man with the Righteousness of God’s mercy embodied. Let them continue in their proud unwillingness. It has no impact on the Will of God to Glorify His Holy Son’s Faithful Love for His Holy Father!

    Abandon them to their “wisdom”. Pull apart from them as far as your desire will allow. Let them mock. If only they will mock us also!


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