A Message of Hope

In your lifetime did you ever wait for a call from that special someone and a seemingly excessive amount time had passed with no word and you began to find yourself agitated and fearful that something happened? You found yourself pacing full of worry that former words shared appeared to mean nothing to one and now you fear that a mind must have changed? You begin to ask yourself should I call him not really sure what to expect if answered. Then qualifiers enter in, Oh I’m sure everything is alright he just got tied up or something. Yet again it has been two days and he said he would call yesterday and now there is a feelings more akin to panic and the stomach begins to sicken and you wonder why this has happened, what did I do or say that turned things so abruptly. So an intense focus upon that person sets in, occupying most of your time as you continue to stew in a broth of bitterness. Loneliness makes  its beckon call and a form of depression sets in and your hopes and expectations destroyed into tearful ash. The anxiety creates a new energy within that is not to your liking because it is making you so unsettled and antsy. Anger, which is fear, strikes and a new resolve incubates within to find a replacement for lost love and you begin a search for that someone who will satisfy the soul and return a sense of belonging, of shared friendship that will fill this void. Whether the scenario involves broken promises or a spousal loss to death the soul does ache but you know deep down that the former life will never return. So the search in earnest begins and you meet others but there’s something missing, somehow they just do not measure up to what you have had, and so many scars. So the search goes on with periodic recesses brought about through frustration and a dawning realization that the problem could be my own. Am I truly ready to commit to anyone? Can anyone really complete my hopes and aspirations of a lifelong partner.  

Prayers go to the Lord to send my perfect one with hope that God will hear and beckon to my call. Then one day a thought comes to mind that you are to seek first the Lord, to become betrothed to him, the Husband that cannot lie or leave you. First the Kingdom and then all the things shall be added. The very kind of relationship you had sought from others Jesus seeks to have with you. He seeks for a union that cannot be broken and you are the one who scurries to clean her house for the Bridegroom cometh. You put on your finest (Character) and you bow down before your betrothed and Master and He takes your hand and reminds you that he died for this very hour, to embrace you, and keep you as the apple of his eye. And now you have a love that does bypass all understanding.



  1. Heart wrenching words. You are blessed with exceptional writing ability which touches heart, soul and mind.

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