And God said it is not good that man should be alone.So God fashioned a woman to be a man’s helpmate. The woman was beguiled by Satan and subsequently convinced the man that he too should partake of the forbidden fruit. This is not testament against the woman but an indictment  against the man.The man who had walked with and talked with God chose the avenue of disobedience to God, thereby causing separation of man and God until of course the Second Adam would arrive and adjudicate the crime through his death and Resurrection.

What then has happened on a continual basis in humanity since? Still man yields to the temptation of the oracles of the flesh exacerbated by the  beguiling maneuvers of that same Deceiver purposed with the same cause of destruction of the higher calling of God. To achieve a high place in the lower realm is the consuming pursuit of mankind in this world, the results of which are both felt and seen on this planet today. To be totally involved with issues of gratifying the flesh coupled with a limited observance to the Creator has become part and parcel of the perceived high place in the unregenerate mind of man. What has man to say of the Oracles of God? It is found in Scripture says one while another says the Scriptures cannot be viewed in a literal sense that there are other applied meanings not readily seen. So the Spirit of truth, like Lucifer, is about creating his own religion? How does one mind, one body and one spirit fall under this confusion. How can God who is the same yesterday, today  and indeed tomorrow, who unlike man cannot lie, and is not the Author of confusion be the author and finisher of this discombobulation of interpretation brought about through statutes. Are the laws of God denied or fulfilled by and through faith? Do Catholic’s employ and subscribe to faith? How about Protestants? The Catholic posture is that you must join their church if there is intent to marry a non-Catholic while the other says well I don’t agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church. So one Church has its interpretation of applied Scripture not shared by the other necessitating mediation going forward. Like law, the Mediator is to hear both sides, go to each one with remedial offerings to be denied or accepted attempting to adjudicate a resolution very much like findings in a court of law to be binding. So binding that should a divorce occur, that marriage again goes through a process of adjudication both civil and clerical to determine if that person’s marriage can or should be ended and ultimately annulled. Is it to now to say that a couple who manifested Children from an invisible marriage has become a Spiritual event where the husband has stood aside? And as Nicodemus wonders “Can man enter his Mother’s womb a second time?”

So Eve made a decision and the first Adam complied causing separation and God mediated through his Beloved Son and mankind was given a means of reconciliation and some have come to this Gift on bended and repentant knees and the Mediator says all is forgiven thee and come and sup with Me. Can mankind do less? By the way, when God forgives sin does he store it for future reference or does Scripture tell us it has been cast away? I do truly thank Almighty God who being no respecter of persons does look to issues of a man’s heart and not to the regulatory issues of the higher part of a lower realm.




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