Love-and-the-Tree-of-LifeI answered Him and said: I see that unless I see with the eye of God I cannot see anything at all. Seeing or planning anything in the natural is folly and doomed for ultimate failure. Therefore, unless sight or Wisdom and correct Understanding is given and revealed to me by the Holy Spirit sight is worthless. I now know that my vision is from my Lord and it is Truth and Complete in accomplishment and means. Our Father completes every task He begins, and then He sustains it. I also now see that you O God, our Father that you are extremely detail oriented. Nothing is overlooked or missing in the due process. You do command and teach us that the Son’s of God are to be led by the Spirit who does teach us all Truth. Do you see what I see? If you do, you have received sight and the eye be opened, and you have left slumber and have awakened. If the eye be singular your whole body is of Light. Wait I see Christ! And to this Truth I do yield and now I also see Life!! The Tree of Life found in the virtuous death of my natural life and I now abound in every good thing. I have become a Tree of Life having learned from the Tree of Death which does harbor the knowledge of both good and evil. And I can see clearly now.


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