Words From There

I see you everywhere you go. I do not judge you, but I see the signs of your fear. You hide behind your things, so sure that no one notices. But even a man like me see through your charade.

You have become so adept at hiding from truth, that you wouldn’t understand it if it were explained to you. Why?

You’ve heard the saying, “He’s bought into the things of this world”. But that isn’t true, is it? You haven’t bought into anything. You’re simply afraid. Why?

You’ve got your music, your favorite television shows, your job and aspirations. You have your friends to hide with. You have all those trophy trinkets you’ve gathered. And in spite of all these things you don’t know the truth. Why?

The truth is not hidden. It’s just that you refuse to look. It’s so easy to think of yourself as a good…

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