imageswarHere we speak of all five minor kingdoms and the Principal Kingdom itself – the Carnal Mind. This is a necessary war made up of many battles one must engage on the road to becoming the Overcomer spoken of in Revelation. The five minor kingdoms are 1. Sight 2. Smell 3. Taste 4. Touch 5. Hearing and these are ruled by the King- the Carnal Mind. This unregenerate mind is the place of ordering the functions of the five nations and is the the domain of sin, fear, unbelief, worry anxiety, doubt and selfishness, and more. This invasion means one must have a warrior’s heart in its undertaking or face certain defeat. These battles along the way will test your mettle as each one gives one more than ample reason why you should withdraw in retreat. The question then becomes am I to be like Joshua and Caleb or the other 10 who trembled at the sight of the giants in this strange land that were too formidable and would surely destroy them. Many times I do hear the battle cries of the enemy, of swords banging in unison against the shields of steel and I hesitate and voices of fear and intimidation within begin to taunt me and declare unto me this battle is folly you can never win you cannot do this. Then come thoughts of unworthiness, of appearance to others, and the general impossibility to conduct such a campaign. I don’t have the resources, I have made previous dumb decisions, I am not smart enough and in the end the question; Just who do you think you are? Are you better than everyone else? And if God is so powerful why are you wallowing in your own muck? Now the thoughts of procrastination set in along with helplessness, loneliness, the body weakens and sickness appears, my chest hurts, I am too tired. Doubt renders her raging head and thoughts of error become the predominate theme, you really blew it this time buddy. Friends fall away from “the Kook”. Resources begin to dry up and friends of Job now somehow know you and come to dissuade you from your madness of being made in to the likeness of Jesus and you argue your case to the unbelieving listeners. They shake their heads at you and go away and you notice they come less frequently now perhaps giving up that there was any hope left for crazed man who has thrown it all away for an unintelligible war.

Take courage my son for as you wage this war over the fallen state you shall find Me along side you as you enter battle and put on the full armor of God and fear not for I am with thee. Now I stand breathe deeply and take another step forward in this seemingly endless invasion entering ever deeper into the cavernous depth of the soul now with a faltering light of a dwindling fuel torch not showing so much light and I am not certain what lies around the corner. I continue to hears sounds of anguish and despair and then I see him. I now look upon myself apart from God and the scene is horrifying more graphic, more grotesque than the worst of horror movies because no producer or director has ever conceived of something so evil. I see worms and other despicable things that made me shudder within and I say I am in Hell! JESUS hold my hand you are all I’ve got You must bring me through this or I cannot go through. And He comes and He takes my hand and does lead me to a higher plain and I rest. Lord I see Hell is the complete separation form You and the Father and He says yes. I see my enemy clearly now and I have found his place of residence as it is within me for it is the old carnal man of flesh and this man must die. I see new meaning to God’s declaration for the need of a “New Mind”- The Mind of Christ. For this invasion of the Land of Canaan is truly a fight to be fought and impossible to win without our Lord and Commander in Chief Jesus Christ who leads me in battle. Am I yet declared as victorious over these nation’s of the Carnal World? I am when I declare it so in Christ and He in me. More to come…


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