(The process or method of selecting one or more individuals from a group, as for a service or duty.)
Today February 16, 2015 is President’s Day. Over this past weekend we heard on the quasi news channels of a lack of Leadership. This Monday morning more calls for leadership. The below article posted a couple of days ago address leadership and this man’s reticence in stepping forward to assume a role. But I ask where are the Leaders in God’s Church? Should not Representatives charged with the welfare of their Parishioners be front and center? Instead of another Summit in Washington to discuss over three days the issues of strategies and leadership issues. Shouldn’t the Church  (whose Founder changed the entire course of the World in three days) be having such a Summit under God to establish a course of action that is said to represent 90% of all Americans? Can’t nondenominational criteria be laid down and unison be found toward a common cause in Christ for the welfare of God’s Children? Will anyone respond to my call for just such a Convening? 
The Lord has come to lift me from among the dead to be a part of His Resurrection –  the First Resurrection. And He asks me; If a man can see evil within himself and the evil without, which part of himself does make such observation? And who or what is it in this man who does find himself in agreement with The Holy Spirit that both must go from him? Is it therefore the Newly Created Child of God, who makes such judgment and agreement with the Spirit of Truth and does not this new man of Christ rise up from the ashes to take his rightful place in his Father’s Kingdom? Can it be My Son that those you wait upon for approval and direction do not know within themselves correct answers and do often make conflicting statements of their own? Can it be said that when you listened to them you wondered at the things they said and noticed the things they do? Have you not been left in an quandary as to what to say and when to act? Is it possible they you waited upon do not know the way and are themselves awaiting leadership from you? For you to guide and direct their way and provide instruction as to how a thing is to be done. Are you to provide direction rather than receive their uncertainties? Perhaps they wait for a Leader to guide them in their roles and responsibilities. Can it be said that the leadership lacking is yours? The confidence, the assurance, the one of strength and Charisma, the one who is confident and fearless in his God.
Perhaps you need to step forward now and instead of waiting you will find many who have been waiting for one such as you to tell them and lead them through. Look at leadership and be a general and not the private. Declare a thing and then show them how it is to be done and why. Be strong and courageous, be resolved in your determination and faith. Exude those traits without apology, anyone who cannot witness your love and compassion is blind and to be ignored and left behind. Have I not called you to be a leader of men? Have I not spoken that it is a place of loneliness. You look around you for such persons as yourself and you find none and the reason you find none is because the one you seek is you. Remember the times of deep and profound anguish in the deep, dark well of the soul and you did cry out for Jesus to hold your hand and stay with you. Do you recall the many forks in the path and you paused noticing one way was the road of easy and the other a road of hardship fraught with the unknown and fearful uncertainties? Remember the many who attempted to dissuade you from any further foolishness only to go away shaking their heads at your insistence that you were following the Lord’s directive. And you have come to learn your answers do not come from the world and its ways but rather within and you have found the Storehouse to answers that await you accompanied with the needed resources as well.
No longer be reticent to assume your rightful place at the Head and not the tail. Ponder leadership, study to show yourself approved and step forth in faith and be the commissioned officer you are. You do truly know the Command Post and you know your Superior in the Supreme Command, the place of your orders and directives.
Speak and act now and observe the consequent actions of compliance on others as you lead My Sheep from slaughter to life in Christ and FREEDOM FROM THEIR OPPRESSORS. In doing this you will find Me there guiding you and instructing you as to the way and how to get there. Take your place, your proper place at the Head. People have spoken of your voice as unique, as a presence, use it, for it is MY Voice, a new voice and it describes a new way. The last call and the Trumpet is sounding and it is different from the many voices in the world. Fret not over your words sometimes appearing harsh or demanding for the people who think this of you are not Mine in this hour. This my Son has been your lack, not resources. Why do gaze afar off my Son? Do you look for something to come into sight? Who is it you are expecting? Am I your Lord not here? Do I not say to those who earnestly seek me with their whole heart and with all their strength that they will find Me? Have you fully opened your heart to My Love? Can you accept a Father’s Love? Has it not been your nature to step back and say in disappointment Oh, that’s OK?  Is it not true that even after you have given all, you have yet to find love externally and yet within became Love. Now go in Love and help others to know Me in this way.

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