For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.


 I have long sought a Servant’s Heart and as God begins to grant me understanding of its meaning I find instead of great joy and happiness I carry a heart that has become heavy. I am beginning to see clearly God’s kind of Love does substantially broaden one’s scope of things to become far more inclusive than I could have known before His favor. The expansiveness of your awareness grows to bring new thought to an ever increasing broad range of subject matter and issues that goes without boundaries. We are asked what greater love than a man laying down his life for another such as Jesus has done once for all. But Jesus carried the sins of the world and I but a miniscule particle of beginning awareness to this kind of love. Learning its true meaning does change perspective and already I find myself groveling at his feet and declaring to the Holy Spirit I do not understand. Why are you always writing about love Rob? Because I answer when I write about love I am writing about God. And if God my Father is Love then of necessity so am I and it could be then said that I write of Family Issues. Because God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son that He could reconcile his family back to Himself of which I am but one member but there are many other members of the Body of Christ, one body with many members and just as the parts of a human body does miraculously rush to aid a broken down part for the healing so does the Body of Christ rush to the aid of another. I love you. You can’t say that you don’t even know me. And besides that’s weird. Lock that nutty guy up before he hurts someone.

Then there is the element of awareness becoming more acute about hurt in the world and the depravity of it. You get the sense you want to help stop the pain and bring shelter and comfort to the hurting. You sometimes get emotional upon hearing or seeing injustice and hurt and a tear does run down your cheeks and you wonder Lord what is happening to me? Get a grip Rob and be a man. And then I sense an anger at times when I become aware of purposeful maneuvering by some at the expense of the many and I slam down the gavel and shout stop and turn to God and say why Lord don’t you see and care about this? And I listen to the Silence. So then I reassure myself with the knowledge that my Father is aware of all things at all times and I leave the subject at hand still with a part of me still wondering. Then along comes prescience or vision and I see a thing and I record it only to find days later the same thing voiced on media and I stop to once again reflect. But Lord I saw that, said or wrote the same thing days ago. Why do I see and yet am finding myself limited in getting it out to those who should know? Again I listen to His silence. And again I beat down my frustrations. Lord do you have a plan for me that you forget to brief me on? Kind of burning up a little of your flesh my boy? Patience, long-suffering, endurance, faith etc., I know the Fruit of the Spirit. Geesh! So the Clay wants charge over the Potter?

This morning tears ran down my face and I said I don’t understand Holy Spirit? And He brings me to write this. The truism of the teacher teaching himself under the auspices of the Guide to all Truth as Mentor. There is no school in the Ivy League or anywhere else that equates to the Lesson Plan of a Most Sovereign God, who does teach this incorrigible by the woodshed. So once again I pick up broken pieces of a man’s pride and self-centered pity and I will continue the march toward a Servant’s Heart, but this is the last time Lord! And as my fingers do leave this keyboard I pause and listen…,  to Silence.

The Sound of Silence




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