What is it about you Lord that brings unexpected wells of perspective and longing? What is it Lord that causes me to smile, that causes me to cry, or to think. You make me remember, you make me anticipate, you make me love in ways unknown to me. You sometimes sweep over me unawares, and break me down to a sniveling brokenness. You make me long for you and desire you above all else. You baffle me sending me into perplexities that leave me shaking my head in bewilderment. You vanish from me some times for days and trust me with your silence. Then you come like a rush of wind overwhelming my plans and decisions only to depart again from my consciousness even though I know you are yet here. Sometimes you allow me to despair appearing as an uncaring Father yet secretly monitoring the amount of hurt allowed. You tell me of light but not how to find it on cloudy days. How can I embrace and make love to a Spirit that is love? Where have you gone my Lord? Return unto me do not leave me stranded all alone. You so remind me of the Song of Solomon my Lord my Lover and yet my Taskmaster.

And so it is that the one who Is brought His Love to me and instructs that this I must do also unto others. And parallels are drawn between loving in the physical between a man and a woman which can be found Spiritually in the union of the Bride and the Bridegroom. And He comes unto His Bride who has adorned herself for the taking and has rendered her house clean garnished with smells of myrrh and frankincense and other delightful scents. Yelling from the housetops My True Love does come to me and this time He will stay? And jubilation and joy are now found in the household and passers by wonder at the celebration and joyful noise. Come hither my friend and see a strangeness occurring within this household. And as the Groom does enter the chamber there is no boundary to expression for the bed of Love is undefiled. There is no sense of time, body, or trees – but an enveloped Essence that becomes The All in all – And the Birds do sing and all of Heaven does rejoice.   robinson



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