Think back. Haven’t you always hung back? Haven’t you always thought you were not good enough, rich enough – smart enough? Haven’t you projected this frame of pensive-womanreference or picture you thought others saw you as and then lived in the picture instead of allowing the picture to reflect you in your fullness? People respond and remark when you momentarily allowed the true you out and they saw your worthiness and and migrated to you only to see the real you once more disappear. You have acted as though you were ashamed of who you are. In becoming one with God are you ashamed now?  Would you trade all of the former way of living for what you know and understand now? Why do you look afar off my Child? Do you look for something to come into sight? Who is it you are expecting? Is not your Lord here now with you? Does not our God say to those that seek Him with all their heart will find Him for the Lord Himself will surely reveal himself to you? Can you say you have done this? Have you opened your being (heart) to His Love and his total acceptance of you? Can you try? Can you accept a Father’s Love? Is it not in your nature to say that you really didn’t expect very much anyway? Do you find yourself feeling unworthy or unacceptable to receive God’s Love in its fullness? I have never been good enough my Lord. And yes, says the Lord even after you had given all that you had? Still you feel inadequate and somehow deserving of less than the best of what God does offer you. Is this Love my Child?

The Tree of Life does bear fruit. The Fruit hereof is of the Spirit of God and his gifts. These gifts the Lord so willingly does give to you and declares to the universe at large behold my Child, the Overcomer, who has left the realm of limitation, of sorrow and has passed through the Fire and Sword to have certain rights by Covenant to be free of life in the former manner and has come to a newness of thought and potential and does now know that this Tree of Life (You) without the Holy Spirit is barren and bears no fruit.Let thine eye be single and upon Me says God. Let thy doubts be doubted. Let thyself go- release all into My care. I knows of your needs, desires for they are Mine. Let it be understood that your need for love is also My need – To love and be loved. Step out now from from under the influence of people or circumstance that control or attempts to control you into the freedom of Christ. If you wish to accomplish the Father’s will and purpose for you – you must be free, and vow this: God arranges my day, my moment and my life. My choices are predesignated, orchestrated and energized by God. I will make the choices He has ordained and I will Rise…     robinson

Note: First two songs only intended for this piece.



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