If my eyes see nothing but darkness, death and my own decay, I then but see my own vileness. And if this is truly my form of thinking then there must be of necessity life copy-cropped-6349891801_055b29fb06_b1.jpgand answers to be found elsewhere. A Savior was determined to be the answer to finding a path to the Pure things of God. Think on these things we are told; Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. How does one take a thought captive or make a pure thought a place of dwelling? To comprehend the very Essence of God, to remember what I am made of and from where I came into this world is something not readily discerned. We are told to remember from where we have fallen and to return to our first love, so then I came from God and it is Him I must return and this is to becomes our desire and life’s goal. This transaction can only occur with the able assistance of the Holy Spirit Himself. The Sons of God are to be led by the Spirit and it is our place of prayer as well. Ah, the depths of the soul and just how deep is it? I have come to believe that one must descend into these depths of hell to find that Door that we do enter to be brought from the temporal into a broad plain of beauty and eternal life in the heavenly. I must descend to the abyss to be raised up a new man of Christ and in Christ. Thoughts and feelings of self-preservation do attempt to circumvent this from happening because it is the flesh that believes it is the life when in reality it is death and decay.  The Adversary to Christ Jesus  who would desire the ultimate destruction of a soul does find glee in another perceived loss to God’s Kingdom.

St. Paul saw this conflict and struggle within and he knew the truth and desired it more than anything else but also sought Jesus regarding the tremendous pain and pressure of the flesh and when the flesh might win a temporary battle he would think of how wretched a man he was. He sought to remove the flesh but God’s Grace answered him. That thorn in Paul’s flesh, those thorns in our flesh represent part of the thorns Jesus was crowned with at the crucifixion. Jesus overcame the flesh an all it’s infirmities as Paul to find find later. How much for that pound of steak my friend? $9 or 10 or more you say. How much then for that pound of flesh? A gallon of tears or 6 degrees of bodily pain you say. Ah but it the Sword of Truth that does cut to order and does separate the desired from the waste and it is the consuming fire that purifies and makes Holy. And it is this Sword and Fire that are the Guardians to the Gates of Eden and it is we that must pass through this very gate. It is therefore required that our flesh be crucified just as Jesus demonstrated as the very first One to go through. Follow Me says the Lord, do the works I do. A seed must go into the ground and die (germinate) before growth (outward) appears bearing fruit and this is the Fruit of the Spirit. All praise and Glory to the Master Strategist.

The Spirit Seed of Christ (the seed of faith) has been placed within us the earthy where it must die or germinate under the Eye of the One True Husbandman. For from this one Fertilized Seed does come forth a plant, a tree if you will. This tender sapling is nourished and brought through a growth process that proclaims of the coming forth of a mature tree that bears fruit and provides shade to other seekers. This tree is pruned and carefully watched over by the Holy Spirit so that it grows up healthy and strong in the Lord. So then my Friend become larger than circumstances and be fearless. Look to your infinite God and encapsulate your life within the Spirit that is within and grow larger than your body, mind and actions. Like a Redwood Tree…

To all the Trees who have gone before me…


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