indexjoeThe Lord was with Joseph. Let him add, simply act and augment and continue to do again and exceed further. Some definitive words regarding Joseph who’s special vocation was preserver of the Covenant Family by exercising authority over Israel by virtue of his eminence in Egypt. Joseph represented a new kind of leadership, a leader by Divine selection and charismatic endowment. His particular gift was Wisdom and he had a double inheritance which represented the double portion allotted to God‘s Sons. He was a man of continued integrity and was in charge of administrative affairs. He was very confident and did posses the divine gift of interpretation and was in command over all the land of Egypt. He was only subordinate to the Pharaoh and his office was termed as the Grand Vizier. Joseph was called not in conformance with the leadership etiquette of the time as he came from outside of the ruling or traditional norm. Joseph knew his gifts were not his own but came from God Himself. The world was persuaded of his supernatural  insight and Joseph often made bold confessions to and of Almighty God. He was a man of great compassion and forgiveness. He was one of the twelve tribes and 10 of his brothers represented Ephraim and the other was Benjamin.

God is even now preserving a Remnant People to bear His revelation from the fallen Eden to Christ Jesus. Joseph was a man of God who was sent ahead to make ready a place for God’s household that were to be sent there. Joseph went about his assignment from God not openly or did he make his mission blatantly offensive to the worldly perspective or belief. The location as Egypt is not in reference to the worldly aspect of modern civilization but in reference to a “New World” and a new “Jerusalem”. Joseph’s wisdom brought blessings to the Promised Land while contributing to the world Over-lordship to include economic measures and provided the necessary stratagems that is to be viewed by the world as a favor, indeed as that salvation in the times of desperate emergency. Joseph was commissioned and received a double inheritance. Joseph’s fundamental character is that he earnestly revered, feared and loved God. God showed him Grace both in His own sight and before men. Joseph properly called himself “Pharaohs Father” and was Lord over his whole house and ruler over all the land of Egypt. (). In Genesis Chapter he is called “Governor” over the land and “Counselor” to the Pharaoh. The economic regulations initiated by Joseph to include a tax was in the rich land of Egypt and were not hard to bear nor unusual for the time and the fact that the State assumed possession of all the land and property a just cost was maintained from the resulting Centralization of Administration necessary at the time.

Today, the world is in turmoil much like the times of Joseph and fears of economic breakdown exist. I do know of such a one like Joseph who is a time of preparation who shall be identified upon God’s timing and purpose. And as represented by Joseph’s brothers not at first identifying their bother this one too is unknown for the world has yet to see him. He sits under the stern hand of God learning, becoming that Ambassador that shall go and do as he has been charged in obedience to his Lord for the benefit of God’s Family here now. When God sent his people Israel under authority of a king such as Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus he was putting his people in a temporary safe place to live and allow sufficient learning and maturation of his children to take place. And He does say, Invert the Kingdom of God outward which does place the world inside of His Kingdom and rule and take dominion over it. Living on the outside of “self” for as to the world I do say, Come out of her, want not, taste not and touch not.


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