Dear Mr. Robinson,

San Francisco, of all places, is rapidly becoming the source of both the defense of marriage and the purpose of Catholic schools.

The archbishop in question is Salvatore Cordileone, who recently addressed his high school teachers in this astonishing and thorough presentation: Knowledge, Virtue, and Holiness.

In recent commentary, I attempt to distinguish two ways of responding to Pope Francis—and make it obvious which one is spiritually right: On Pope Francis: Getting our heads out of the sand.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Gregory Miller answers one of the most-debated questions of the Catholic liturgical year. Don’t miss Are Sundays Part of Lent?

As for recent news, today I offer a selection which demonstrates the complexity of the many issues that face Catholics and their Church around the world:

And now, from Pope Francis, his continuing catechesis on the family: We Are the Elderly.

Finally, in case you didn’t know, we’re asking everyone who has not donated to our work since the beginning of the year to make a special Lenten effort to contribute this month, before the end of the first quarter. Critical to our success—thanks!

Jeff Mirus
Trinity Communications



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