In my Father’s House are many mansions…

Love is a lonely word that God has chosen to describe His Essence. Love is the substance of God. It is a state of being that can be entered and it permeates all things. God is Love, and he/she that dwelleth in God is Love. Love is God’s being, it is the intelligence that designs and creates all things. All of God’s work are man-i-festations of His love. Every circumstance on earth is an agent of His love. Agape is an utterly selfless giving or outpouring of His love that flows to all things. My works are established by God and I can only do the work He has ordained and empowered and He is the energizer of my daily doings. He has absolute authority and is responsible for every event. This knowledge of His sovereign workmanship is the greatest comfort and assurance that we can possess. Behind every action is a thought and found therein is the hidden working of the mind and the sovereignty of God. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do His good pleasure.

The item or event or substance was and is created by God and all things are held together by Him. The molecular structures of creation are God. All things were created by Him, for Him and through Him. There is nothing in the natural that did not begin first in the Spirit. The things that are seen were made by the things that are not seen. WE therefore connect not in the natural or tangible but rather by the Essence of the thing which is God. Can you not see the Rose in the Rose? The natural or carnal mind is not used in this process but rather by the ” renewed mind or the Mind of Christ that creation is found. Align yourself with the Father’s Will and His Spirit will guide you into all truth. Purpose your natural mind’s attention and be in agreement with Him. This is how you will perceive a thing and hear His voice. Your physical attributes are to be servants to carry out naturally what is directed by His Spirit. It is not by power or might but by My Spirit sayeth God. Merge spiritually with Him and to the Spirit of it. We look and do everything by fleshly means and there is no power there and we wonder at exhaustion. I am Spirit and your spirit joined to mine is then blended, molded into one and anything in the temporal can be changed or built. The will. purpose and plan of God is the leading of the who, what, where, when and how of it and is the point of immersion of your spiritual concentration and the intelligence of operating which is the Mind of Christ. The new impetus becomes then Our Divine Intelligence. Just as you do not forget to water your plants, neither do I forget to bring nourishment to My Children. And as you watch over them to monitor their dryness so do I watch over you for your Living Water. As you give unto Me the things lacking in your life I will fill those those voids with Myself.

Come unto Me for communion and supping it is not the other way around. Go to My Throne as I await my Children there. I did come to you to make the going to Me possible. It is Essence to essence. It is union and communication. It is Spirit to Spiritual Essence in the item of attention to thereby command its coming or going. Apart from Me you can do nothing. Through Me are all things possible. I am the All in All and I know all things and I hold all things together. Why take ye thought as to what ye shall wear, or what ye shall eat. Who by taking thought can add one cubit? The natural mind cannot comprehend the things of God, My thoughts are higher than your thoughts so think these thoughts that are pure and holy and not on the things of the world. As it has been written if we being earthy heard not My voice or meaning while I was yet on the earth then how impossible for the carnal mind to hear Him who does speak from the Heavenly Places.

What is it you seek my Child? I seek my Father’s House that I may return unto Him. Then look within for I dwelleth there. And did I not say that I go and prepare a place for you. In my Father’s House there are many mansions and your place is garnished and sits in anticipation of your return.

You O’Lord are the true identity the only identity, therefore sanctify this house and glorify Thyself in this house built upon LOVE.


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