Can it be that if Christ is in me and I in Him and He is in you and you are in Him that I am in You and You are in me? Can it be when you are alone or hurting that I can be at your side in such times? Can it be that when you walk alone that I am walking beside thee holding your hand? Can it be that Parts of the Body can rush to aid the parts in need of aid and nourishment? Can it be said that when you look and find no one there that I Am indeed beside you? Call me and I come. Need me and I will help. Fall down and I will pick you up. If His presence is with you is my presence there also and yours with me as well? Can I be wherever, whenever, however it need be? Can we as one in Spirit, One in mind, One in body truly ever be alone again? Think on this and call me. Think on this when I call on you. Think on this My Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Is Omnipresent possible to more than just Christ? Does it also mean my presence for you transcending time and space? I believe it does.


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