Jesus-and-Holy-SpiritIf you have been set free why do you continue to function as though captive? It is because you cannot believe you are truly free and you make both provision and allowances for the constant barrages of reminders and stratagems of why you are not.  Can you remember the scene from the movie entitled Shenandoah where the young slave boy was told he was free. He responded by saying “You mean I  can go any where I want? Right now? Yea my brethren attune thine ear so that you mayest hear Me. I have set thy course and I have watched over thee. I have heard thee in thy travail and you shall know that I Jehovah God has heard thy cry unto Me. I respond unto those such as you who have surrendered all unto Me. Those that love Me beyond all else shall indeed hear from their Father. And I tell you this day that indeed I the Most High has heard thee. Keep a careful watch for I do come to those who have forsaken all and follow Me and I greatly respond to thy love and yearning. And, indeed I Am your Father and you have become My Children. See now the new Creation coming through and out of the ashes of the worn out. Whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it. The flesh says I can’t. I hurt, I am sick and the healing comes through the One who sees through the loud demanding refusals of the body and soul and instead hears the Voice that says “Be still and know I AM God”. Push through the pain, the unbelief, the deception which is the Veil (flesh) that Jesus did rip from top to bottom.

There is a new Spiritual Land called “Ekklesia” meaning called out or called forth. These people, you and me are the ones called out of the world’s systems and we walk in personal communion with our Lord. While in God’s presence we are shown things that are veiled to mortals and we learn things we have never dreamed. Our understanding will embrace things we once thought as impossible and our Spirits will blossom into the awesome Plan of God. Blessed are the eyes which see the things that you see. That I Am power within is the Mind of Christ, a regenerated Soul that thinks not on its own as in former times. The object has now come to bringing the Heavenly things into natural observation the Kingdom of God on earth through us which is the microcosm that shall grow and overcome all natural things that do presently exist. Then when all are gathered unto Him it shall be called Shiloh. And then because He also then became the Resurrection, He did say to Martha “I Am the Resurrection” and to us a promise of greater things. And we, the Overcomer, have part in this First Resurrection and while He was Now then He is also Now presently and He will also be Now in the future. And we begin to sense we are encapsulated in Him and a New call of God does ring outward and we have become awake rubbing our eyes from the long time of slumber and we function knowing the entire universe is within and the earth is placed into our pockets. We know He has apportioned a part of Himself for each of us to dwell and to rule and reign with Him for indeed everything is in Him and within YOU. The globe, sky, stars, sun, moon, the planets all thought, You, Me, everyone and everything all now at this present time a New Heaven a New Earth and new understanding  and intelligence of Being. Cognizant of who we are in Christ awakened – knowing.

The Holy Spirit does lead us to this New Being and the flesh has been subdued and we can no longer put the demands of the flesh to prominence because it has been crucified with our Savior and we now have our being in Him to which brings impossible to possible and we look back no longer. And all gifts and talents are manifested back to the Investor as increase and He does say “Well done good and faithful servants and to you shall much be given”.  And we the Body of Christ do march forward as God intends and directs with confidence and assurance in this new life full of Spiritual and Divine Gifts of the Spirit and this Pneumatic Breathe is the immaterial  man or woman who is truly Born Again unto God.


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