repentant-manMy head is full. Can I add even one more supposition to my already crowded mind? What have I resolved through introspection and the weighing of various considerations and preponderances that always seem to come to a stopping point. Points of wonderment disappearing for a time only to later find them returning still with the same questions and this man still unresolved in his answer. Who, What, When, Where, Why and the kicker How?  Is my name Job or Rob? How did Job respond to the many questions put forth by God? If I remember correctly he repented to ashes so where does that leave this guy in all his purported wisdom to answer my Lord any more or less than Job? Truth? He can’t. So here remains then a man so full of questions and not so many answers. Tell me about your God sir. Tell me all that He is and why should I consider Him? Look around you purported man of God show me evidence of His loving kindness. How about you revealing to me His control over the chaos in the world today. You speak of Jesus Christ as Lord a nd Savior, this man you do honor in this season but what has He really saved and where is this kingship? He lived in excess of two thousand years ago and still His plan goes unfinished and you wait and wait and wait. I ask you when does He come back and you have no answer other than to say He knows the day and hour. Should the world be a better place because of Jesus than it is? Has your Lord forgotten His plan, modified it, or is everything written about him just a fabrication of ancient men formulating a control device to regulate others. The more you attempt to reveal His plan the greater this basket of thought becomes in your mind and you stumble and fall under its weight. Can I look at another on the street and see Christ?  If not, why not? How can anything so great as your God be so weak in appearance and in form here? Are you sure you are not chasing a shadow, an apparition? You stand up and declare the word faith and go on to define it as the evidence of things not seen the substance of things hoped for. Yet it is asked is this not a nebulous undertaking? Now you run to the first chapter of Romans and declare God has made his creation visible and we the observer are without excuse for not seeing it. Look at the sky, the birds and the fitting together of the seasons should this not declare God? The sun rises in the morning and then sets in the evening and a lesser light does light the sky and this happens according to a prescribed order and has for thousands of years. Isn’t this caused by the rotation of the earth? Yes you answer but who is it that does cause this rotation? Why does the earth remain in it’s place you ask and you have no answer. It is the design of God, it is the workmanship of the Word who is Jesus. In the beginning was the Word and the word became flesh so then sir are you Word and are these things your deeds? I seek a preponderance of evidence and yet you present testimony based upon things you have read and heard but where is your living testament? How can this Court of Common Sense render judgment upon inconclusive and incomplete answers brought to question?

Am I then put to trial your honor like Jesus before Pilot? Yes man you are because you make claims that you are a son of God. What evidence can you present to prove this claim that shall bring an equitable decision to this case? Why are you reticent in your answer sir and should a decision be now made irrespective of your lack of defense? O if I could but think of appropriate answers and provide irrefutable proof to this court of the world but my mind proves inadequate in this debate so full yet knowing within that this judgment must come and that I must die so that the proof I seek in all its splendor does shine forth. So I bow my head in my silence and await deaths appointed time. And in my busy and unrelenting mind answers to my questions are brought to naught because I know that can bear no reply knowing my mind shall never comprehend the things of God and to that understanding I do yield and a Resurrection to come.



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