trinityheaderThe light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light.

When you have come to the place of NEW Birth in Christ can it be said all things have become new and this birth can be compared to natural birth coming into the earth with nothing and helpless? There is now no need for natural parentage but rather that of the Holy Spirit to take you in your infancy and provide the nurturing and training according to the purpose and plan of God? “I have created you in my likeness and image; I have given you my heritage. I have given you my bloodlines and your parentage. For I am spirit and in truth so are you and we have become one, so I ask you if I am in you and you are in me are we not then the all in all and does not the fullness of the Godhead prevail? Now you can see the source is the head and I am that source and you truly are the body, the sons of the Living Stream that carries water (Life) into the earth”. Robinson. And now you learn of your vocation and how and where to set your goals. Forgetting your past and looking ahead to Jesus upon whom you laid down your former life. The teachings come now from the Master Teacher and He shall guide you into all Truth. No longer do you venture out under your own impulse but rather you follow the lead of the Lord and follow His work through you in obedience and humility. You are His and you no longer belong to your “self” for a new wo/man has arrived and the old man has passed away. Your focus is no longer upon the things and measures of the natural instead your focus is targeted upon Christ and his doings. The focus becomes the singular eye, the place of the image, the picture of things to come. If you do this you find the center, the cortex which is Christ Jesus and your true being. The Remainder then is Jesus, the Rock, the Foundation of a New House You and Him as One.

Parentage as given by C.H. Spurgeon: (Paraphrased) – “He has taken us from the dung hill and He has set thee among princes. Thou hast been among the pots (earthen vessels) but He has made thee as a dove whose wings are covered with silver and her feathers with yellow gold. Remember that this grace and Parentage the Divine Spirit hath changed thy nature. Ever let humility bow thee to the very earth while thine adoption lifts thee up to the third heaven. Consider again I pray you, what a dignity God has conferred upon you –  even upon making you His son. There is a dignity about thee that even Angels may well envy. Thou in the poverty art as a sparkling jewel in the darkness of the mine. (a pit in the earth). Thou in the midst of thy sickness and infirmity art girt about with Robes of Glory which make the spirits of heaven look down upon the earth with awe. Thou moves about this earth as a prince among the crowd. The blood of Heaven runs in thy veins, thou art one of the Blood Royal of Eternity – a son of God, descendent of the King of kings. Speak of pedigrees, the glory of heraldry (genealogies) thou has more than heraldry could ever give thee, or all the pomp of ancestry could ever bestow. The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are the Children of God”.

If Jesus is the Name above all names and Jesus is in the form of His Father and it is also your New Name because all things are through Him, by Him and for Him and you become one mind, one body and one spirit with everything centered in Jesus, the Body of Christ. And our Father rejoices over His Family.



  1. Thank you Robert! Word! Robes of Glory! Thank you Abba! Father! From dung hills to shimmering, glistening, luminous robes! Amazing Grace! Thank you Abba!

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