This very morning as I stood on my back deck I hear a Cardinal calling out using every song and call at it’s beckon and then pause to silence. I imagesH0S0TJYKwondered how long this bird would continue to call out for any response from another only to be frustrated again and again. I thought of loneliness and how this bird seemingly was so desperate for a response yet no other was to be found and yet continued to call out perhaps in hope that just maybe another would happen along and give a responsive shout. I waited a considerable time and probably would still be there if my body had not spoken that things were getting a little chilly out here. But as the morning has worn on, the Cardinal experience did not leave me and I begin to wonder about people, and there desperate call for notice and reinforcement and find no one notices or calls. How superficial life has become with the projected fronts exhibiting to the world that all is well and yet within they like the cardinal are calling out for an answer and no one notices. I suppose a lot of this propagates the explosion in Social Media where everyone talks, but behind a screen where truth may or may not be found. Christians are exhorted to love one another as Christ has loved us, but I must profess guilt here, that I am not as sensitized to this truth as I ought to be. An isolated island is where most of us live and if someone cries out in loneliness or distress do we hear them, or like the aforementioned Cardinal do they go unheard? So things go hidden and you wonder why?


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  1. None of us will ever know loneliness that Jesus experienced in the garden.
    Excellent thought provoking piece. Thank you.

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